Lindsey Fish


My name is Lindsey Fish and my story is similar to millions of other mums across the UK. After having my first child I didn’t want to return to my corporate career, drop a day and take a 20% cut in salary whilst paying for childcare 11 hours a day. So I faced the conundrum of what to do about work once my maternity leave was over.

I started to look at all my options. Should I go part time? Do I become a stay at home mum? Should I get a lower paid local job? Is there anything I can do from home or should I start my own business? I had been working at that time for over 15 years in events, sales and marketing and I was adamant I didn’t want all that to go to waste so I decided to do the latter and in 2014 I opened my own event management company.

I could see mums all around facing the same dilemma and asking themselves the same questions. It was in 2015 I had the ‘light bulb’ moment.  My thing is events and there are so many mums out there facing the same dilemmas that I am experiencing. I realised in that moment, that I could connect mums to the support, services and opportunities I knew were out there by organising an event and so the Mums Enterprise Roadshow was born.

Lucy Chaplin & Lindsey Fish – Mums Enterprise

Mums Enterprise was launched by myself and Lucy Chaplin around the theme ‘Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars,’ because this is a true belief of mine and something that we want to share with every other mother out there in the universe. If we aim far higher than we ever thought we could, and just go for it then it’s a certainty that we will end up somewhere pretty amazing. Just because we have children, it doesn’t mean that we cant be successful career women!

Mums Enterprise is spearheading the ‘mum economy’ and is here to facilitate change across the UK.  It offers a platform for individuals, initiatives and organisations that can help this audience to showcase themselves and change women’s lives for the better forever. With gender equality, flexible working and maternity discrimination making headlines, Mums Enterprise offers a tangible solution to make change happen in the UK.

As a business we have grown exponentially in the last three years and we have gone from attracting 200 attendees in 2016 to an anticipated audience of over 10,500 in 2018. The events have only been as successful as they are and grow so quickly into a premium national exhibition portfolio because of the huge demand that we have received from ABC1 Mums in the UK aged 25-55 with a child in the household. Further to this, we have been supported by the the fact there is a whole movement happening right now surrounding women in business, startups, gender equality, and maternity discrimination.

Our mission is clear and simple…We want to help mums everywhere to believe in themselves and their skills and to #shootforthemoon and we are so proud to confirm that following last year’s events, 98% of women attending said that they would return in 2018 and it doesn’t stop there. 20% of women attending said that Mums Enterprise Roadshow changed their life and a further 60% said that we kicked them into action and increased their confidence which helped them get back into business.

2018 is the Year of the Woman so lets make this year count! Our mission is genuine and clear, we want to help thousands of mums all over the UK to help change their work or business lives for the better forever, whilst also striving for change and success ourselves as business owners.

This year, Mums Enterprise Roadshow Manchester will be a one-day event, taking place on Wednesday 20th June at Event City in Manchester. Mums Enterprise Roadshow London will be their first ever two-day event in London in a larger venue; Olympia London which will take place from Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September 2018.

Find out more about the Mums Enterprise Roadshow on our website, to register for a free ticket please visit: