Sharon Reid


A big shout -out to all the those currently abstaining from booze for Dry January. As an extra incentive, Lamb & Watt Tonic Waters have come up with some delicious mocktail recipes.

The Lamb & Watt Tonic Waters range are available in Original, Cucumber, Basil and Hibiscus – as well as the brand new Lamb & Watt Light and Ginger Ale. Made with spring water from the Lake District and sweetened with organic blue agave, which is low GI and gluten-free. What’s more the Lamb & Watt range is all naturally flavoured, low-calorie, with no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives, so you can indulge as much as you like throughout January and beyond!

Basil Spritz


2 x thin slices of ginger

2 x strawberries cut into quarters

150ml x Lamb & Watt Basil tonic water


Add the Lamb & Watt Basil tonic water to a glass with the ginger and strawberries.

Garnish with a lime squeeze.

Rosemary Buck


150ml Lamb & Watt Ginger Ale

2 x wedges of fresh lemon

1 x sprig of fresh rosemary


Squeeze one of the lemon wedges into the base of a long glass then fill with cubed ice.

Fill with Lamb & Watt Ginger Ale then stir with a sprig of fresh rosemary. Squeeze the other lemon wedge on the surface of the drink and serve with a long straw.