Kit Out My Office, an online retailer of office furniture, has compiled an anonymous list of the worst office Christmas decorations in the UK for 2017. To find them, the company asked for anonymous tip-offs from workers across the country.

We spend a huge proportion of our lives at work, so embracing the holiday festivities by decorating the workplace is a break from the norm. This doesn’t simply provide a change of scenery, it can help raise morale as it is natural for people to feel happy at Christmas.

The worst office Christmas decorations

Sad Dangling Baubles (Nottinghamshire)

A colleague of the pixelated character in the below photo submitted this photo of a sad looking office that is attempting to embrace the Christmas spirit with dangling baubles and tinsel.

Lone Christmas Tree (Yorkshire)

One anonymous poor soul submitted a photo of the only decoration in their office: a nearly naked tiny Christmas tree.

Less Than Half a Christmas Tree (London)

An employee of a company based in London submitted this photo of not even half a Christmas tree which has appeared in their reception area for the past two years.

Are there downsides to a poorly decorated office?

Dr Julia Claxton, Principal Lecturer in Leadership and Organisational Development at Leeds Beckett University, believes: “A poor effort by an employer to decorate their office for Christmas could definitely have an impact on morale. Lower morale levels amongst staff is ultimately the basis of an ineffective team. It is such an easy situation to avoid, as opposed to dealing with the consequences such as lower productivity levels.”

How should you decorate your office?

Andy Baxter, Managing Director of Internet Gardener, a retailer which offers a huge range of Christmas products and has helped businesses with their decoration plans, provides his top tips:

  1. Create a festive feature wall
    If you’re looking to impress, creating a feature wall of Christmas decorations or plants, such as the poinsettia plant. These can breathe life into a mundane space, which in-turn can raise happiness levels.
  2. Personalise a Christmas tree as a company
    Place a Christmas tree in a central location and run a company-wide competition to create the best homemade decorations. This is an excellent way to encourage team spirit.
  3. Make subtle additions
    Fairy lights can be easily added to desks and walls and provide colour and light for aesthetics without really interfering with personal workspaces. If you’re going to do this, don’t leave glaring gaps.

Gareth Jones, Commercial Manager at Kit Out My Office and the person responsible for commissioning the survey said: “If you’re going to decorate your office, it’s important to do it right. Everyone knows that, but why do people seem to be failing to follow the advice?”




Photo by Smabs Sputzer on Visualhunt / CC BY