Sharon Reid


You are cordially invited to One Star House Party –  a pop up restaurant set up by Kevin McCrae, James Sharman and Trisha McCrae, who are currently travelling to 20 different countries, in 20 months to create 20 restaurants based on their discoveries along the way.

The foodies, (former chefs from NOMA, The Ledbury, and Tom Aikens) create dishes from ingredients found during their travels.

Try making this Warm Biltong, Smoked Beetroot, Hazelnut Butter, a recipe inspired by their trip to South Africa. This warm, rich hearty dish is perfect as either a main course or an explosive starter. Prepare in the morning and you will be taking down the hanging Biltong as your guests arrive in the evening.

Cooking time 45 mins

Drying time for the Biltong 7 hours

Serves 4


Beef fillet – 400g

Biltong Spice Mix:

Coriander seeds  – 15g

Juniper berries  – 15g

Black peppercorns – 10g

Salt  – 15g

Sugar  – 15g


Fish sauce  500ml

Cider vinegar 500ml

1 whole shallot peeled and thinly sliced

1 peeled and crushed garlic clove

Hazelnut Butter:

Toasted Hazelnuts  – 500g

Rapeseed oil/Hazlenut oil -75 ml

Pinch of sea salt

Smoked Beetroot Juice:

4 Beetroots

Handful smoking chips


1 – Reduce 500ml of vinegar by half, add the fish sauce and bring to a gently simmer. Add shallots and garlic then allow to cool.

Spice Mix:

1 – Gently toast the spices in a medium oven, then grind with the salt and sugar.

 Smoked Beetroot Juice:

1 – Peel the 4 beetroots and smoke in your BBQ or smoker quite intensively for around 30 mins.

2 – Staright from the smoker place into your juicer and press through. A beautiful sweet smoky juice will be produced. Do not season the juice.

Hazelnut Butter:

1 -Place your over on 160 degC.

2 -Spread the whole Hazelnuts over a baking sheet and rest in the over until golden brown -around 15 mins.

3 – Transfer the toasted nuts into your blender and pulse blend with oil and salt. You want the consistency to be a little chunky like peanut butter.

The Beef:

1- Once the marinade is cool add the beef fillet to the marinade and leave to soak for 10 mins.

2-  Spread the spices over a baking sheet, remove the beef from the marinade and roll in the spice mix until completely covered.

3- Using either meat hooks or string hang the beef in a cool airy place, preferably in front  of a fan – you can use a house hold desk fan for this. Place a tray under the hanging meat and leave to dry for 6 hours.

4- The next step is going to require a little imagination. What you essentially want to achieve is your billtong suspended 3-5 feet above a few gently embering coals for 30 mins before you carve and serve it. The beef being warmed gently but not cooked even to what you would consider rare is everything.