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Many of us dream about launching a business; we perceive being our own boss as the ultimate freedom: no one to answer to and complete autonomy, are reasons often cited. However, unless you have access to a private income, working a job while your venture gets off the ground is a reality for the majority of budding entrepreneurs.

What are the secrets to a successful work-business balance? Entrepreneur and author Lawunmi Adeniyi, provides definitive solutions to this conundrum in her book, Secrets to a Successful Work-Business Balance.

Lawunmi almost gave up her entrepreneurial ambitions while working full-time, but with careful planning she was able to realise her ambitions: “I almost gave up on the dream of starting a business venture while committing to reach all-time-high stress levels in a work environment.

Golden Aisle Weddings founder, Lawunmi Adeniyi.

Lawunmi Adeniyi

“Although it seemed almost impossible, but it worked, with a vision, planning, set goals in place and the drive to be able to break the resistance and start taking actions.”

Lawunmi hopes that drawing on her own work-business experience will help and inspire others who are planning or going through the same:

“In this book, I share exactly how I got to this stage. How I had overcome the fear of making the wrong decisions, how I chose my industry, what compelled me to start my business and still have a flexible lifestyle I enjoy while working a day job.Cover of Secrets to a Successful Work-Business Balance, by Lawunmi Adeniyi.

“I am passionate about sharing my experiences. My hope is that by sharing many of my own work-business balance struggles and how I learned to overcome them, that I can help others see that they too, can take a leap and work on projects they love and live a more purposeful and productive life balancing both work and business.”

Secrets to a Successful Work-Business Balance is due for imminent release, for further information please visit: