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The manager position in every company carries a lot of responsibilities, and taking care of overall productivity is among the most important ones. In order to increase and maintain high levels of productivity, a good manager will try to improve the working environment, so employees can feel better, less stressed and more comfortable. The more they are satisfied with the workplace, the better they will perform. There are some useful actions successful managers take in order to improve office productivity, and the text below offers the most important ones.

Introduce more light

In order to be productive, one has to be focused and awake. The best way of achieving a high level of concentration is to work in a space that is well illuminated.* If there aren’t enough windows, and sunlight can’t come in, it is crucial to invest in some bright bulbs since those are successful in mimicking the natural light. Try to avoid installing fluorescent bulbs, but go with some new LED ones instead. Yes, this will come with a price, but that’s a reasonable expense because you’ll ensure your employees stay motivated, positive, and awake.

Keep your employees relaxed

Consider turning one of the extra meeting rooms into a casual lounge where people can go for a break. Keep in mind that in this type of space, your employees will talk to each other, brainstorm and maybe find a solution they couldn’t behind their desks. Make sure to equip this relaxation room with a few coffee machines, lazy bags, and a fridge filled with healthy snacks for boosting energy.

Ask employees for help

Find enough time to speak with your employees about productivity, and ask them what should you do in order to improve it. Some of them will point toward lighting, some will say there’s not enough air, and some of them may mention high stress. Either way, listen to them carefully and take their suggestions into consideration once you decide to engage in improving overall productivity.

Ian Pearson

Beautify and declutter

Keep the office pretty and clean. Working in a cluttered environment may affect the productivity in a negative way, and that’s the reason why you should organize regular cleaning so your employees can move freely. Get rid of all outdated office machines. Throw out old stacks of paper, or try to make a system for their cataloging. If there are some new spare desks, and other pieces of furniture you’re going to need later, remove those as well. You don’t have to sell or throw them out, just find an affordable storage unit and place them there.

Take care of your employees

Consider rewarding your most productive employees with an economic incentive, and you’ll notice improvements when it comes to productivity. People like to compete, and some bonuses for a well-done job will most certainly fire them up. A little bit of friendly competition among co-workers can improve their professionalism and dedication. Of course, create a fair and affordable system, in order to make it sustainable.

Give your employees a piece of thought

You don’t need to push them to work harder, you just need to be there for them. Your position allows you to monitor the whole office and employees in it, so make sure to give them constructive feedback on a regular basis. People can’t see themselves from the outside, but you can, that’s your job. Of course, this doesn’t mean your feedback must be positive. It will be enough to be objective and righteous.

Share the knowledge

One of the best ways of improving productivity is via education. Make sure to provide your employees with good courses and seminars where they can develop as professionals. Investing in your workforce may be expensive, but it will repay generously in the long run. Everything you know should be shared with others; less experienced managers and employees. This way, your team will be stronger and much more efficient. At the end, create a training system for new employees** and save everybody’s time.businessman, man, people, person, male, business, entrepreneur, leader, employer, employee, worker, officer, manager, executive, supervisor, smile, smiling, caucasian, white, office, note, book, pen, write, writing, writer, sit, sitting, seminar, meeting, royalty free,

Final thoughts

There are plenty of ways to improve overall office productivity, and you should start from those mentioned above. Of course, if you get another good idea, give it a try. Different people will react differently, so you’ll need to experiment a bit. It is a great thing you already know your employees, so it won’t be hard to provide them with what they need. Keep your employees positive and motivated, and productivity will go through the roof.

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* www.squarefoot.com

** www.convergencetraining.com