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The link between too much sugar, diabetes and inevitable weight gain is well documented. However, what has recently come to light is the news that too much sugar can cause even the healthiest of people to be at risk of heart disease. Geeta Sidhu-Robb, Founder of Nosh Detox, explains further:

Refined sugar is the outcome of a process called refining. The process involves removal of molasses (a thick, dark brown juice). Raw Sugar – which is the starting product – is processed to extract the sugar, typically found as sucrose, which removes any undesirable tastes and results in white sugar. The NHS currently recommends that adults have no more than 30g of sugar per day.

“There are obviously negative consequences as a result of a diet overloaded with sugar, such as its extremely dense calorie intake which can lead to unhealthy weight gain, tooth decay and the development of type-2 diabetes. However, perhaps most alarmingly, studies have shown that too much sugar can put anyone at risk of heart disease, regardless of our other lifestyle habits and our general fitness.”

Foods high in refined sugars include: sweets, fizzy drinks, biscuits, buns, cakes, alcoholic drinks, cereals, and table sauces are amongst the worst culprits for sugar.

If abstaining from sugar has proven too difficult, fortunately there are alternatives:

Honey: A frequently cited substitute for sugar, it is produced by bees using the nectar or honey. This is probably the most versatile substitute as it can be used with a variety of foods, from toast to salad dressings.honeycomb, honey, bee, nature, pollination, apiculture, macro, hexagon, sweet, propolis ,royalty free, free images, free photos,

Coconut Palm Sugar: Made from ‘sap’ – the liquid that circulates through the coconut plant – coconut palm sugar is classified as a low glycemic index food which can help diabetics control their blood glucose levels.

Agave Nectar: Even sweeter than sugar – agave nectar is extracted from the same plant as tequila. With a taste similar to that of honey, agave nectar is a perfect addition to  steaming hot tea.

Using sugar alternatives is a good way of weaning yourself off the ‘white stuff’ aka ‘sweet poison’, if you require further help with detoxing or general nutritional advice please visit:



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