Sharon Reid


Our environment is full of radiation from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and all our wireless gadgets. Every day we are surrounded by these invisible frequencies that threaten our bodies. I’ve been a long-term advocate of using crystals to diminish electromagnetic pollution – Amazonite* is particularly effective. If I don’t have any crystals to hand, I find that switching my phone onto Airplane Mode provides a little peace of mind – I was told that this stops the electromagnetic radiation.

Short of covering one’s self with tinfoil; there has to be less extreme ways of combating radiation, take these boxer briefs by SYB which offer 24/7 protection from wireless radiation – blocking up to 99%. Aimed specifically at men (and their little ‘swimmers’), the SYB Shielded Boxers are radio frequency (RF) shielded to protect from mobile phone and WiFi radiation.

Not sure if SYB has any plans to launch protective underwear for women – our reproductive organs also need protecting, but, thumbs up to SYB for taking the initiative and enabling the existence of future generations.

SYB Shielded Boxers £49.97 (reduced from £69.97) available from: