Sharon Reid


Burger stands dispensing greasy hamburgers to half -cut revellers was a common sight across our cities – many moons ago. As our taste buds became increasingly sophisticated; over/and under-fried grease-filled burgers simply didn’t cut it. Today’s burger enthusiasts want gourmet style burgers: coffee-rubbed burger with Dr Pepper BBQ sauce – anyone?

With the UK burger market worth £3.28 billion* the demand for gourmet burgers shows no sign of abating – luxury hotel Sopwell House is more than happy to accommodate; Executive Head Chef, Gopi Chandran, has created a unique, Jack Daniel’s Beef Burger in time for National Burger Day -24th August. If you like your burgers more on the decadent side try making this recipe.

Serves 1


100g 100% Beef Burger

1 Brioche Bun

1 slice Smoked Apple Wood cheese

2 slices Iceberg lettuce

1 slice Beef tomato

¼ red onion (thinly sliced)

½ gherkin (sliced)

50ml BBQ Jack Daniel’s glaze


Season the beef burger patty and char grill until cooked through.

Place a slice of the smoked apple wood cheese on the burger until it melts and top with the BBQ Jack Daniel’s glaze.

Slice the brioche bun in half and place the burger inside.

Garnish with the lettuce, beef tomato, onion, and sliced gherkin.

Serve with a salad or sweet potato fries and enjoy!


The Jack Daniel’s Beef Burger will be available on National Burger Day in The Brasserie at Sopwell House for £16.50.