I spy with my little eye… nine road games to make the time fly.

As a survey finds that boredom is the most disliked part of driving on holiday, GoCompare has found a selection of the best road trip games (scroll down for infographic) to keep your passengers – and you – entertained for hours on end.

If you’ve ever found yourself bored and uncomfortable on a long road trip, you’re not alone. New research commissioned by GoCompare found that boredom was the biggest pet hate during long car journeys. A fifth (20%) of drivers said that being bored is the worst part of a road trip, followed by being stuck in a confined space (18%), the trip taking longer than expected (13%), and having to constantly stop for food or toilet breaks (8%).

While you can’t alleviate the need for pit stops, you can at least keep yourself entertained with a selection of road games, collected and explained by GoCompare. Ranging from the silly to the tactical, there’s something for everyone – though if you’re driving, you should give the distracting ones a miss.

Driven to victory

While there are always fan favourites like Would You Rather? And Two Truths and a Lie, some of the games are less likely to be familiar. Have you ever played any of these?

  • Where Am I? – Not a request for directions, Where Am I? has one player describe a location by scenery, smells and sounds, while the other players try to guess what they’re thinking of.
  • Sorry I’m Late – Though running a bit behind might be a pet hate for some drivers, this game revolves around providing an excuse for your lateness in the form of a film plot – while the other players attempt to guess the film.
  • Alphabetical Categories – One player names a category, like locations or fruit (maybe even car games), and each player takes it in turn to name something which fits into that category, working their way through the alphabet: for example, Apple, Banana, Cherry, Date. Players who can’t name a correct item are out.
  • Scramble – One that puts the driver in charge, the person behind the wheel calls out a street or place name, and the other players have a short time to write down as many words as they can by rearranging the letters in the name. The more letters used, the more points the word is worth.

“Are we there yet?” 

Almost half (43%) of parents said that road games were their preferred method of entertaining their children on a car journey, while one in eight (12%) drivers said that the biggest pet peeve was being asked “are we there yet?” This was significantly more disliked among women than men, who were more concerned with being left out of car games or having to stop for frequent breaks.

GoCompare also found that drivers often feel short-changed on long car journeys. Over a quarter (26%) said that they hated missing out on the sights as a result of being the main driver.

“No one likes being stuck in a vehicle for long periods of time,” said Matt Oliver, from GoCompare van insurance, “We wanted to put together some fun ways to help make the trip a bit more comfortable, and time pass a little quicker.”

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