James Mash


The humble cell phone case does more than it appears to. It sends a message to everyone around you, giving them hints of who you are and what goes on in your mind. But what messages are you sending to the people around you? Here are some of the more important ones to keep in mind:


Some people are very direct with the messages they want to tell others, and the fastest way to do that is to insert symbols into their cell phone case. Political leanings, pop culture icons, religious symbols, fictional characters, photos of loved ones – these are a few examples of how people identify with and dedicate themselves to a particular idea. This applies even if the symbol is only understood by a small group of people, such as secret codes, colour combinations, or subversive texts.


While identification is all about overt messages, coordination is about covert, non-verbal messages. These folks have a collection of custom phone cases that are designed from the ground-up to match their attire. They want to enhance whatever appeal they are going for, which can range from powerful and imposing to cute and peppy. They want to set a specific mood, and their chosen cell phone case will help them better set that mood.


The goal here is to send a very specific message: I have something unique and special. This fits the bill for those who seek one-of-a-kind customised phone cases. Sure, these cases can be prohibitively expensive – like made with platinum trimmings and studded with crystals. However, a simple plastic case marked with a customised design worked into the material can achieve the same goal. These people want to stand out, and they want to make sure that everyone gets it when they see their cell phone case.


Practical-minded individuals go for cases that serve a very specific purpose at the lowest cost possible. These people tend to go for cheap, plastic cases that serve only to shield the phone from possible scratches – maybe save it from a fall from a modest height. Aesthetics matter little to these kinds of phone owners. They want things that get the job done at minimal expense. They either don’t mind the opinions of others so much, even when they risk people thinking that they are in a financially constrained position.

James Mash & Charlie – Made2B.com


These types of cell phone cases add functionality to their phones: built-in power banks, shockproof rubber, extended camera lenses, etc. The spirit of pragmatism is alive here, where functionality is king, but without the limitations of money. These types of mobile cases tell the world that you focus on getting stuff done and that you’re not afraid to spend extra cash to achieve that goal.


Some cell phone cases are deliberately designed to lack outstanding features. They’re dark, sleek, low-key, and nondescript. These types of cases are appealing to individuals who value their privacy – the types of people who don’t want to draw attention to themselves. They don’t want you peeking around at their stuff, and they would rather be able to pull out their phone without pulling eyes towards them.

About the author: When not blogging about tech trends James is busy juggling a job in online marketing with taking care of his boisterous dog Charlie and launching made2b.com, a custom phone case business.