Sharon Reid


As a convert to standing desks – I have been using a Varidesk for the past 16 months, the idea of sitting down for prolonged periods while working is now somewhat alien. However, when I was presented with a Varichair to try, curiosity got the better of me and I had to find out whether it is possible to stay active while seated.

The Varichair is designed to engage your leg, back and core muscles – since these are the areas I target at the gym, the idea of activating the aforementioned while seated or simply leaning against the chair was too much of a delicious prospect. Why work up a sweat at the gym when you can work your muscles while seated?

Thanks to the durable, cushioned seat and articulating pedestal you can rock or stretch while sitting due to the wide range of motion. The air-lift piston also raises the seat up to 32.75” (83.19 cm), allowing you to lean comfortably when standing. Oh did I mention that the Varichair can also improve posture? This is because of the low back design, it also has a weighted base, so it stays put while you do the moving.

In addition to the health benefits,  I also appreciate the fact that the Varichair comes ready assembled like all Varidesk products -no faffing around, just simply remove it from the box and you’re ready to go.

So to conclude, I have not completely swapped sitting for standing; the majority of my working day is still spent on my feet thanks to my Varidesk. However, the Varichair has provided me with a healthy seated option along with a welcomed break from the gym!

The Varichair costs £250 (including VAT) and is delivered FREE within the UK. For further information please visit: