Sharon Reid


When was the last time you indulged a guilty pleasure? Was it with a ‘dirty burger’ after a messy night out? Or perhaps it was that extra helping of chocolate cake which soothed a recent heartbreak? Whatever the reason, there is nothing wrong with indulging yourself every now and then. Master purveyors of street food KERB, agree with this sentiment and will dedicate a whole weekend to guilty treats with its latest FREE event, ‘It’s Only Arctic Roll, But I Like It’ – a great play on the classic Rolling Stone jam (pardon the pun).

KERB has chosen 13 KERBanists* (food traders) to conjure up their best ‘show-stopper’ guilty pleasure dishes, and sling them out to lucky Londoners for two days straight. For entertainment there will be a live TV ‘Dream Themes’ cover band, Old School DJ’s, 80’s Jane Fonda aerobics, KERB’s guiltiest pleasure cocktails, bingo and lucky dip to add to the hot fuzzy plunge pool of sins.

Guilty pleasure offerings include:

Kolkati’s battered fish ‘n chips ‘n mushy peas, in a paratha roll with a curry pouring sauce on the side.

Other Side’s ‘smoked honey butter-slathered fried chicken with crispy smoked bacon and pickled blueberries in a buttermilk pancake bun.

Capish’s special spice blend sloppy joe (OR vegan borlotti eggplant joe), with American mustard, pickles and a fried duck egg.

Hank’s beer-battered fillet ‘o fish with homemade ‘American’ cheese, prawn cocktail cones + scampi & chips.

Curry On’s classic korma on chips + curry chip paratha butties (veggie option).

Project Sandwich’s ‘Old School’ crisp sarnies: feat. coronation chicken + ham hock and cheese stuffed with salt & vinegar crisps.

Nonna’s & Le Choux KERBlaboration of: ‘Gelato choux sandwiches’: peanut butter jelly, viennetta, banoffee pie + an ‘Arctic roll’ spin.

To celebrate all that stuff that’s so wrong it’s right get your guzzle on at KERB’s It’s Only Arctic Roll, But I Like It, Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd July, FREE entry. For further information please visit: