When you’re a small business or a freelancer, it can be really tough to save money for big events such as Christmas. You can’t take as much holiday as other people who work in full-time jobs. For you, a day taken off is a day you don’t get paid. It usually results in working every day up until Christmas Eve, and only taking Christmas Day and New Years’ off.

In a survey by Swift Money, 68% of people claimed they always or occasionally go over budget when buying presents. And 54% of people feel pressure to spend more than they can afford on occasions such as birthdays. So how can you survive big calendar events without having to watch money the rest of the year?

We’ve listed some top tips for saving money as a freelancer or a small business.

Save as and when you can. You’ll be surprised how much you can save just by putting away little amounts here and there. Maybe you said no to dessert at lunch. Put that £6 into a piggy bank – or a savings account via online banking, if you’re banking the modern way. If you manage your business from home, you’re saving a lot of travel and commuting costs without even realising it. Put £50 a month, that might otherwise be spent on travel, into your savings. That’s a huge £600 a year, which would cover Christmas and more. 49% of people we surveyed spend between £100 and £500 on Christmas, so have an extravagant one, and you’ll still be left with £100 to spare.piggy-bank, , save, cash injection, money, finance, economical, pig, save money,

Take out Bad Credit Payday Loans at Swiftmoney. Sometimes borrowing money is the only option. It’s best to get a short-term loan if you know that you can pay it straight back the following month, once you’ve been paid. Obviously, working freelance can be a bit more unpredictable, and getting a longer loan might be the better option. It depends on your circumstances, but do your homework before you invest.

Claim back on your VAT, and then save it. You can claim back on your business expenses, so keep every receipt organised for when April comes around. You can ask taxi drivers for a receipt, so you can even claim back on that cab you had to take to get to a business meeting. Once you’ve received the refund, try not to touch it. Put it in a savings account and then use it to help you out when Christmas does come around. You could even use it if a special anniversary is coming around, and could fork out on a special holiday.

Buy presents rather than giving people money. When you’re giving money, it’s impossible to hide how much you’ve spent. If you’re buying actual gifts for people, you can get things in the sale, or buy something that looks way more expensive than it actually cost. There are many stores out there now that sell branded goods at cheaper prices, or ex-season stock. This way you can spend less on birthday presents, and even Valentine’s Day presents, but still get a great quality gift.