Sharon Reid


After the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower, it is comforting to hear of the spontaneous support and various fundraising efforts driven by kind -hearted people, touched by this tragic event.

The outpouring of generosity has been so immense that some donation centres have quickly run out of storage space, our Editor-in-Chief witnessed this first hand when he volunteered: “It was crazy, perishable donated food had gone off due to a lack of suitable storage. People have also been turned away with their donated clothes, toys etc.”

Monetary donations are always welcome, in addition to donating via crowdfunding you can also donate by paying a visit to The Test Kitchen in Soho. On Saturday 17th June, Michelin-awarded chef Adam Simmonds will host a fundraiser to help the residents of Grenfell Tower. Like many, Adam felt compelled to do something productive, “This is a shocking tragedy and this is my small way of supporting those affected by the fire.”

Adam Simmonds – The Test Kitchen

Guests are asked to pay as much as they’d like for their meal, with every single penny raised donated to the Just Giving Families of Grenfell Tower appeal.

Join Adam and his team as they cook for Grenfell Tower, or donate at:

For reservations and further information please call: 020 7734 8487.

For additional information on where to donate or volunteer please visit: