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The adverse effects of smoking are known to everyone yet many people find it difficult to quit for a healthier lifestyle. To eliminate the unhealthy effects associated with smoking, Herbert Gilbert came up with the idea of smokeless, non-tobacco cigarettes known as e-cigarettes or vapes and today you will easily find a vape shop located in your area. Moreover, many online stores have also started to sell vaping products due to their increasing popularity.

Despite the proven evidence, there is an ongoing debate concerning the effects of vaping on the human body. In this article, we will cover the benefits of vaping over smoking and will illustrate how it is benefiting society by lowering the use of tobacco.


Tar makes for one of the main components of a cigarette. On the other hand, there is no element of tar present in vapes. You can simply test this by yourself: take a napkin and blow out cigarette smoke on it, the portion of the napkin where you have blown the cigarette smoke will turn yellow. Repeat the same practice with a vape and you will notice that there is no change of colour in the napkin. This is just an illustration of what tar does with your lungs.

When it comes to vapes or e-cigarettes, e-liquid is used to simulate the experience of smoking for smokers. Nicotine forms a major part of the e-liquid. Although, there are some adverse effects associated with nicotine as it can make one addictive, but it is far less unhealthy in comparison to tar. However, you can also find juices (e-liquids) without the composition of nicotine.

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Known & Unknown Chemicals

There are over 4000 chemicals found in a cigarette. Some of these are known cancer-causing chemicals while others include methyl, Fungicides, Lead, Ethyl, DDT and much more. On the other hand, the chemicals found in e-cigarettes include Glycerine, Food grade flavouring, Propylene Glycol and nicotine. The number of chemicals, known and unknown, are found in low quantities in vapes; thus, making vaping a safer option for smokers than tobacco alternatives.

Overall Cost

Most people are hesitant to switch from traditional smoking to vaping, due to the perception of both the e-cigarette apparatus and the juice being more expensive. However, in reality, vaping is easier on your budget as you will have to buy the apparatus only once to enjoy vaping. The cost of the juice varies as per brand and flavours. Ideally, a bottle of e-liquid can last for a week or two – depending on the frequency of usage.


There are hundreds, no thousands of e-cigarette vapes to choose from. Discreet vape pens not much bigger than a cigarette are easy and compact to take with you anywhere, also allowing for inconspicuous vaping. On the other hand you have powerful vape modes packing large batteries and sub ohm coils. These make it possible to create huge plumes of vapour that are sure to get you noticed. For the fashion conscious there are stylish e-pipes to pick from as well as more unique designs so you’ll be spoiled for choice. There are also a variety of different atomisers – the parts that turn the e-liquid into vapour, and other interchangeable parts. All this ensures that there is a setup for everyone’s tastes and needs.


So if you’re a current smoker and not yet a vaper then you may want to pay a visit to your local vape shop to see if it can help you on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

In Short, vaping is a better option for smokers. However, make sure you are using quality vapes and liquid in order to have a healthy smoking experience.

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