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Most of us are no strangers to stress, especially work stress; according to research from private health care provider, Bupa: “Work stress keeps 51% of employees awake at night, and two fifths of people state that stress is ruining their life.” When it comes to overcoming stress, veteran researcher and lecturer, Keith Foster believes that medication is not required. I am in total agreement with Keith – being averse to taking medication I am more likely to take the holistic approach when dealing with stress and most ailments.

Keith’s answer to tackling stress is via Harmonic Power. This is a 100% natural stress management model arising from new, cutting-edge scientific research. For the first time, Keith is teaching practical steps to embracing Harmonic Power through a one-day course.

Keith Foster

“Attendees will learn how to avoid the negative fallout of workplace relationships, how to dramatically increase their tolerance for high stress situations, improve their concentration levels and turn decision making from a passive skill into a life-changing survival tool,” explains Keith.

“People will leave with a clearer head and with an almost certain chance of obtaining more success than they thought possible.”

Keith added: “It’s all about interrupting the mechanisms of stress, learning to sleep better and wake up ready to tackle each day refreshed and with naturally-high levels of energy. This new course teaches it all with skills that will make anyone more productive.”

The course will be conducted in small groups, and is specifically designed for executives, directors, managers and individuals who operate in extremely high-stress environments and want to be free from the negative physical and mental health effects of the demands placed on them.

Courses are available in London and Bristol. The next course in London is scheduled for June 21st and July 9th in Bristol. For further information, please visit:

About Keith Foster: Keith Foster is a researcher, writer and lecturer. Whilst doing research into Dementia for a new book he is writing, Keith discovered the cause of stress and its links to Anxiety, Insomnia and Jet-lag.

Further research into all the scientific work published in this field led to the conclusion that a cure could be achieved by removing the underlying cause. This has proved to be the case and, using a four stage process which involves only natural strategies, stress can now be brought under control.

A charismatic speaker whose gift is to make complex subjects simple and easy to understand, Keith’s wisdom, sense of humour and integrity are infectious. Keith hosts lectures and speaks at seminars all over the world.