Sharon Reid


There appears to be more street food markets than old school markets these days -you know the ones that sell vintage clothes/bric-a-brac , designer knock-offs etc. With so many street food markets vying for our attention, how does one decide which market is worthy of our hard-earned coins? Themes certainly help, if you prefer your street food served with a healthy dose of paleo -friendly meat and plenty of healthy options, then check out Shoreditch’s Urban Food Fest’s, super-healthy, uber-green themed Good Vibes Fest Market.

Good Vibes Fest attractions include: live music; FREE 15 minute quick burst yoga sessions on green namaste mats. There will also be a Green Lady ready and waiting to give out FREE hugs, so make sure you indulge in a cuddle or two! Every visitor will receive a FREE Green Lady goodie bag with samples inside!Vegan Cauliflower Steak - Street Food

As for the food, expect a delicious array of healthy gourmet global street food, including: beautiful fresh ‘Vibey Love’ vegan falafel pittas with home-made hummus and veggies; ‘Green Goods’ Malaysian prawn and chicken banana leaf wraps with noodles and beansprouts; ‘Zen Station’ Japanese tuna & avocado sushi burritos; and ‘Yoga Guru’ paleo-friendly smoked meats with lashings of sweet BBQ sauce! Fun desserts include: ‘Shoreditch Love’ salted caramel churros sticks and vegan mint chocolate chip cookies!

The green theme continues with a  fabulous selection of Green cocktails including the ‘Green Lady Wonder’: rose, sparkling green tea, nutmeg, carob fruit, lemon, vodka & mint, and the ‘Shoreditch Green Vibes’ sparkling green tea, gin, lime & strawberry. While a selection of Green Lady mocktails are available for the non-drinker.Men and women playing giant jenga at Urban Food Fest,Shoreditch.

The market will also feature vintage furniture seating areas complete with deckchairs – plus every table will have giant FREE-of- charge games including giant jenga, giant dominos, giant playing cards and connect-4.

Come dressed in green in exchange for half price drinks – which deftly illustrates the essence of the Good Vibes in action not just in name!

Urban Food Fest Good Vibes Fest, Saturday 10th June from Midday to Midnight. FREE entry. For further information please visit: