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Leading business coach and Mi Business Mag contributor, Amanda Cullen is making it her mission to empower the small business community with an ambitious goal –  to help 500 business owners gain clarity on their strategy by the end of 2017.

Amanda, an author and business owner – she is Director of Coaching with Amanda, has launched a campaign called ‘Business Made Simpler’, which she hopes will bring clarity out of the confusion that often faces business owners who also manage their company.

As part of the campaign, Amanda is providing 1:1 coaching, workshops, and webinars, along with speaking at a range of events.

As a seasoned business coach, Amanda is only too aware of the business owner’s predisposition to complicate big business decisions:

“After years of coaching, I have found that a recurring issue is that business owners often over-complicate things that should be quite straightforward. It’s totally understandable – small business owners often work on their business and in their business, and are left to stew over the big decisions.  However this can be crippling and leads to indecisiveness, stress, and sometimes poor decision making.

Amanda Cullen, Executive, Coach, Business

Amanda Cullen – Coaching with Amanda

“But it needn’t be that way. Quite often, even the most-seemingly complicated business conundrums can be solved with some simple techniques, tools, and guidance from an impartial sounding board. That’s where I aim to help.”

Before turning her attention to small businesses, Amanda had 30 years’ experience managing and coaching large teams and individuals across the financial and pensions industry. Therefore, Amanda is well placed to support this often-overlooked community.

Amanda has supported a range of small business owners in such sectors as manufacturing, PR, healthcare and retail. She focuses on helping business owners create a vision, action their business plan as well as be accountable for their success. Working with a tiered pricing structure to suit a variety of budgets, Amanda helps small business owners think big, something that was previously the reserve of big businesses.

Amanda concludes: “More than half of small businesses fail within the first five years of set up,* mainly because business owners spend most of their time fire-fighting rather than developing their vision, plan and direction for the future. However, I want to contribute to help reduce this number through ‘Business Made Simpler’. After all it needn’t be that complicated.”


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