Sharon Reid


I came relatively late to the iPhone party, for years I was doggedly loyal to Blackberry, as far as I was concerned the iPhone was the ‘work of the devil!’ Harsh, I know. Anywhoo my irrational opinion of the iPhone was soon quelled after investing in an iPad – so simple to use! My transition to iPhone ownership, came pretty swift – my beloved Blackberry Bold was plagued with malfunction and my contract was coming to an end, so why put off the inevitable? I reasoned as the ‘dark side’ beckoned.

I have now graduated to the iPhone 7 (I also use an iPhone 6 for work) and I am proud of the fact that I have NEVER faced the indignity of a cracked screen (touch wood). My crack -free screen is due to my borderline phone cover obsession; I’m currently eyeing the Nodus Collection’s Access and Shell Phone cases.

What’s not to like?

Intuitive to use, elegant and tactile, the Shell case features a shock absorbing polycarbonate core and a raised lip over the screen to protect from light bumps and scratches while providing access to all the iPhone’s ports and features. The Access Flip Case 2 features a flip case for your iPhone, enabling you to place the phone in standing mode.

The magnetic Micro Dock is small enough to be mounted just about anywhere and more than capable of docking the iPhone (in Shell Case) securely, even in rough driving conditions. The built in Magsure Magnetic Shielding protects the iPhone from magnetic interference, allowing all apps and features to continue to work perfectly.

Along with embracing modern technology the Nodus Collection strongly value the importance of preserving craftsmanship – all cases are hand crafted from the finest,  ethically sourced and environmentally friendly full grain Italian vegetable tanned leathers which feature microfiber lining and folded edges for added durability.

I believe that we all have a responsibility to protect our smartphones from unattractive cracks, so with this in mind I am thinking of launching a campaign to #saveourscreens, to join simply invest in a reliable phone cover.

The Nodus Collection’s Access and Shell Phone cases cost £54.95, the Micro Dock cost from £19.99. For further information please visit: