Ian Pearson


Getting new customers, while still providing great service to your existing ones is one of the keys to successful business. No wonder there’s a saying: “You never get a second chance to make the first impression,” and this is absolutely true.

When you are building a relationship with your customers, you really have to make sure you have made a great first impression so you are sure they will return. Here are some tips you can take into account when handling new clients.


This is the first step of making your customers feel comfortable. Sometimes it can be hard to look and act happy and cheerful, but the easiest way for your customers to read you is through your facial expression. Once you’ve smiled, all of the usual anxiety and nervousness, that follow such occasions, are gone, and your customers feel welcomed. All of this is set to put your customer in a positive mindset which, in turn, will help you sell your product and expand your business.

Body language

Smiling is a great first step, but in order to have its full potential, your body language has to follow. When facing your customers directly, your posture, facial expression and arm movement should show support, and represent you as attentive and helpful.men, employees, suit, work, greeting, business, office, chef, computer, women, group, handshake, portfolio, meeting, desk, free images, free photos, royalty free,

There has been a lot of research based around body language, proper postures and gestures, and it is almost as active and diverse as much as the spoken one, but with much more universal understanding points. For example – crossed hands, or hands on hips are signs of aggressiveness and of being uninterested, while matching the posture of a person we’re talking to relaxes them.

Customers are the focus

No matter what type of business you run, customers must be the centrepiece of it. They are what drives your business, and you must adapt to them in the best possible way you can. Your customers must feel like they always have your full attention and focus. You can approach them in a formal or informal way, according to your strategies, but they must feel like it isn’t about you – it’s about them.

A number of large companies invest large amounts into training their personnel and helping them become more empathetic. With more empathetic workers, customers have much better experience, and based solely on the approach towards your customers you can achieve very much.

Well maintained and clean offices

Your new customers are in a way like a first date. You wouldn’t go on your first date in a stained shirt, with bad breath and dirty hair, would you?

Having well maintained offices, clean and organised working space helps with your own productivity and those of your colleagues, but maybe even more importantly, it shows to your customers that you are serious and that you are dedicated. You must take into consideration that well maintained offices are one of the most important things when welcoming new customers and business partners.lobby- Modern Office Space, Communal Area, Work, Work Space,

Learn and address the problem

You really need to make sure you understand the problems your potential customer has. Different customers are faced with different problems, and you need to learn about those problems in order to find the right solutions, tailored for each customer.

A number of new businesses want to make their mark and show their great ideas, and in this process they forget to really hear the problems their customers face. This makes them look uninterested and out of personal focus, which makes customers leave. Listening to your clients’ problems can make you adapt your skills, learn new ones and develop a deep connection with your clients.

Don’t jump in straight to your ideas

As mentioned before, one of the common mistakes is trying to fully represent your ideas, just moments after your customers have entered your business. This way you leave no space for your clients to see how they fit in the story.

This alienation from the clients can come at a great cost, and if you have ever given it a thought – all great salesmen have something in common – they all aim to become friends first, and talk business later. Making a friend out of your potential customer eases up the transition to sales, and makes you form a strong bond with your customers, for the mutual benefit. Try to learn about your customers and implement their needs into your ideas, in order to form a strong relationship with them.

Wrap up 

Keep in mind – an indifferent customer is not a returning customer. These methods are tried and can be applied in practically all spheres of businesses. Following simple steps and working towards implementing them in your work will most definitely impress your clients and it will help build a strong base for your relationship, as well as their return business.

About the author: Aside from having a primary area of interest and expertise in business consulting with Sydney office cleaning professionals, Ian could also be tagged  as a passionate sports fan, nature and photography enthusiast. In addition, Ian always tries to keep up to date with tech innovations and development; with a particular interest in trying to master the fine art of Social intelligence.