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Our place of work is practically like our second home and it’s necessary for us to feel happy at our workplace since it is where we spend most of our time. Some workers like myself may even find ourselves in heavily male dominated industries but this shouldn’t be an issue if we don’t let it be.

We should focus on keeping positive and try out different ways to enjoy our work more. Below are a few recommendations that have worked wonders for me over the years and can also be practised by any employee.

Recommendation 1: Form good relations with your co-workers

Similarly to how the provision of office essentials like ergonomic office furniture contributes towards employee happiness, working in a friendly organisation also helps keep workers motivated. One of the key methods of creating a positive environment is by forming great relations with your co-workers and by trying your best to get along with everyone.

Marketing Manager at Calibre Office Furniture - Aarti Ohri.

Aarti Ohri – Calibre Office Furniture

Perhaps it would be a good idea to organise social events so everyone gets the opportunity to form better and stronger work relations if they haven’t done so already.

Recommendation 2: Become an expert in your field

There is no doubt that becoming an expert in your trade and being in a position where you’re able to mentor others will naturally make your job more enjoyable. After all, most of us are keen to advance our careers further and feel motivated when we get the promotion we’ve been working hard for.Photo by stockimages - ambitious, associate, businessman, businessperson, career, caucasian, celebrating, celebration, cheerful, classy, clenching, company, confident, consultant, corporate, employee, energetic, enjoying, enthusiastic, entrepreneur, excited, excitement, executive, fist, guy,

Work activities like training sessions and team building exercises all aid towards advancing your skill set further and making your work more pleasurable especially when rewards and promotions are involved. From personal experience, becoming a Manager resulted in me loving my job even more!

Recommendation 3: Organise and participate in corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects

Several businesses often overlook corporate social responsibility (CSR) project work but this shouldn’t be the case as it can immensely help to lift the spirits of employees especially throughout the challenging times at work.

In a nutshell, the organisation of CSR led work activities can be a rewarding and gratifying experience for various staff members, so ensure you enforce it at your firm this year and plan for it on behalf of your organisation.

Final thoughts:

There are evidently a range of ways employees can gain happiness and satisfaction from their job with one of my personal favourites being the organisation of CSR project work and arranging social events for the team in order to build better work relations.

What will you do to make your job more fulfilling?

About the author: Aarti Ohri has four  years’ experience in the Digital Marketing sector. She is currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Calibre Office Furniture, managing the SEO, Social and PPC side of the business.

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