A day in my working life, an occasional series providing an insight into how entrepreneurs spend a typical working day. This week, Rohan and Natasha Clarke from Uptown Yardie.

Uptown Yardie is a British shoe company run by husband and wife team Rohan and Natasha Clarke. The company inspired by their Jamaican heritage, specialises in stylish footwear for both men and women.

The Uptown Yardie brand is synonymous with progressive individuals who do not follow fashion. The brand ethos is to create stylish products for a community of people neglected by mainstream fashion. Quality is also paramount to the Uptown Yardie brand.

Rohan and Natasha aka Mr and Mrs Uptown Yardie, are currently revolving their work days towards the company’s Kickstarter campaign, in addition to generating brand awareness via the hashtag #IAMUPTOWNYARDIE. Follows is a typical working day.

06:00: We never get to bed before 1 am but we are always up by 6 am. We shower and have breakfast together. Mrs Uptown Yardie has given up coffee for Lent so joins Mr Uptown Yardie for a cup of hot water with lemon.

Natasha & Rohan Clarke -Uptown Yardie

Natasha & Rohan Clarke -Uptown Yardie

07:00: We begin checking emails, our online store and how are Kickstarter campaign is doing. We put together an agenda of all the things that we need to get done for the day. This usually happens around the kitchen table which doubles as our home office.

09:00: Mr Uptown Yardie gets online orders packaged up and ready to send to customers. Mrs Uptown Yardie responds to emails and we both take a Skype conference call with our marketing manager where we focus on strategies for the #iamuptownyardie campaign.

11:00: A quick call to the shoe factory in Northampton to check on our new season samples.

12:45: Is when we post ‘our pic of the day’ to social media – as a means of driving interest to our Kickstarter campaign. We only have 20 days left to reach our target, so both of us are hitting the different platforms simultaneously. In conjunction, we are running the #IAMUPTOWNYARDIE hashtag encouraging people to become a part of our community by posting images on social media using this hashtag.

14:00: As we work from home we try to go out to lunch at our local vegan café. Mr Uptown Yardie is vegan but Mrs Uptown Yardie isn’t quite there yet.UptownLOGOhr

16:00: At this time of the day we are discussing what we will post on social media later this evening. We both love vinyl and usually have music playing in the background. Currently we are listening to Anderson Paak and Fela.

18:00: Today is Mr Uptown Yardie’s turn to cook the evening meal, whilst Mrs Uptown Yardie works on the mood board for our new product; a diffusion range of t-shirts, hoodies and bags, due for launch later this month at Brixton Village.

21:00: Work never stops when you run your own business and this is when we do another social media push. We have a meeting coming up with the factory in a couple of days’ time so we go through a checklist of what needs to be covered.

22:00: Is wind down time. Mr Uptown Yardie is an artist so he goes into his studio to finish a drawing he is working on. Mrs Uptown Yardie has her own interiors blog Until Lemons are Sweet and uses this time to update it and respond to messages.

00:00: This is an early night for us and to relax we end the day with some fresh ginger, turmeric and lemon tea.

For further information please visit: uptownyardie.com. To donate to the Kickstarter campaign please visit: www.uptownyardiecampaign.com.