Sharon Reid


It seems that not a week goes by without reading about a cycling fatality. A quick Google search reveals that 124 cyclists* met their untimely fates on UK roads during 2016. Therefore the release of the Coros Linx Smart Cycling Helmet should prove a blessed relief for cyclists; what defines the helmet is its state of the art safety feature, which senses if there has been an accident. In such an event, the user has 30 seconds to let the Coros App know they are okay or it will automatically call for help to a predetermined emergency contact.

In addition to the aforementioned state of the art safety feature, the helmet also contains very impressive technology such as the ability to sync via Bluetooth to phones, allowing music, navigation, ride data, phone calls and notifications to the user via the helmets speaker, furthermore it allows riders to speak to one another on-route, if they also have a Coros Linx helmet.

While the bone conducting speakers transmits sounds without obstructing the ear canal, allowing users to hear traffic, sounds and means their eyes and hands remain focused on their surroundings. Its in-built microphone is placed inside the temple of the helmet which protects it from outside noise, just focusing on the wearer’s speech, and transmitting it with superb clarity.Coros-Linx-white_2

The helmet also comes with a handlebar remote, which allows users to accept phone calls, adjust sounds and link with numerous apps. It works with android and iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0. Its battery will last 10+ hours and will notify you when it needs charging.

The helmet weighing in at just 400 g is designed to help low drag, aiding high performance road cycling at high speed. It has 15 airflow vents allowing cooling and a comfortable foam strip lining. This helmet is suitable for all weather wear and is rain, water, and sweat resistant. Made with polycarbonate and EPS impact foam – this item is also certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

I haven’t ridden a bike since my late teens; however, if I suddenly decided to join the 2 million + cyclists in the UK I would be happy to invest £179.99 for this helmet – frankly a small price to pay for safety and ultimately my life!

The Coros Linx Smart Helmet costs £179.99 from Amazon. To find out further information please visit: