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Law of attraction, visualisation and manifestation – we all have the power to bring positive changes into our lives through the aforementioned. The phenomenal success of Rhona Byrne’s The Secret, is a key indicator of our desire to engage in positive thinking as a means of creating better health, wealth and overall happiness.

If you are curious about implementing the law of attraction into your life, Shomit Mitter’s The Magic of Manifestation, could help. Shomit, one of London’s leading Hypnotherapists, is known for amalgamating modern western therapeutic practices alongside ancient Indian traditions such as mindfulness and meditation.

Previously, the benefits of Shomit’s Magic of Manifestation was only accessible to those that either attended his workshops or one –to-one sessions at his clinic. However, from the 18th February, The Magic of Manifestation can be accessed online.

Shomit Mitter

Shomit Mitter

There are 10 sessions in total which will cover: Being, Healing, Power, and Guidance, to name but a few topics. The course is multi-faceted incorporating both lectures and guided visualisations.

Shomit explains how his course can lead to a state of ‘enlightenment’:

“The Magic of Manifestation is a vehicle that doesn’t require that you sit in a cave for twenty years: you can practise it here, now, and it works rapidly. The sequence of sessions is designed to inculcate a deep-seated awareness of – and ability to embody – a state of being for which the world has a very high-sounding term: enlightenment.Box set

“While the course will not turn you into the Buddha overnight, it will get you to a still place deep within you from which it is possible consistently to create – rather than passively to receive – the future events of your life. The Buddha himself said he was no different to everyone else, except in one respect – which was that he was ‘awake’. This course is an invitation to share the peace, the calm and the sheer unbridled joy that comes from ‘being awake’.”

The Magic of Manifestation will be available as a subscription stream from There is the option to access any of the individual sessions at £9 each. Or purchase the complete course of 10 sessions for £49. The full course will also be available as a five DVD box set for £69.