A day in my working life, an occasional series providing an insight into how entrepreneurs spend a typical working day. This week, Alice Holden and Fleurette Mulcahy from Attollo Lingerie.

Alice Holden and Fleurette Mulcahy are friends and founders of Attollo Lingerie – a brand that specialises in D+ bra sizes. Attollo  is an appropriate name for a lingerie brand – it is Latin for ‘I lift up, I raise, I excite’, and perfectly fits Attollo’s USP.

Frustrated at the lack of attractive bra styles available for the more curvaceous woman, Alice and Fleurette set out to remedy this by launching Attollo. The co-founders had no previous business experience, which makes the success of this brand even more compelling. A start -up loan from Virgin, coupled with a strong network of mentors enabled Attollo to transform from an idea into a viable business.

Here is a typical day in Alice and Fleurette’s working life.

Alice Holden & Fleurette Mulchy - Attollo Lingerie

Alice Holden & Fleurette Mulcahy – Attollo Lingerie


05:15: Alarm goes off.

06:00: Commute to work, working on emails on the way into the office.

07:00: Arrive at the office, make porridge and a cup of tea, while writing an extensive to do list for the day. I think much clearer when the office is empty so I find the early hours of the day are my most productive.

09:00: Dealing  with meetings and emails about our supply chain, social media, marketing campaigns, and website development etc. We tend to have daily communication with our manufacturer and suppliers which takes up a large chunk of our working days.IMG_2275

12:00: Sometimes we try and make time to pop to networking events. Most recently, we attended an event, The Nest organised by Toucan, an organisation that helps creative start-ups, like ours. We were talking about our business to potential investors on behalf of our incubator, Hambro Perks.

15:00: My brain often begins to feel fried around this time, so I will go outside for fresh air and grab a snack, and return with a fresh cup of coffee.

20:00: I usually go to the gym a few nights a week then I cook dinner before settling into work mode. I often cook a large batch of food over the weekend so I have little to do but heat it up on weekdays!

22.30: I Shower, pick out tomorrow’s outfit, pack my work bag, prep food for the next day and get ready for bed.  I watch a film or TV programme as I go to sleep.IMG_2274


06:30: Wake up, make a fresh juice and cup of coffee. I Shower and get ready for the day.

07:30: Commute to the office, eat breakfast and work on my laptop on the tube.

08:30: Arrive at the office, make my second coffee, print what I need for the day, hit the emails and get to work. We may also have meetings during this time. What we love about working on Attollo is that no two days are the same – from meeting investors to visiting our samplers and touching base with our factory – there’s always something different to do!

13:00: Have a soup or grab lunch from Pret depending on if I need a quick walk to clear my head.

19:30: Either leave the office to go to the gym- I’m much more productive in the evening so if I’m on a roll, I’ll stay at the office later and get dinner from Pret. If I go to the gym, I’ll eat at home then start some work. Having time to myself during the evening means I can get through more, so evenings and the early hours are my favourite time; sometimes, I wake up between around 1 -3 in the morning to work uninterrupted – I’m a major night owl!

00:00 -1:30: Usual bed time – I’m a big advocate of ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’- all clothes and files are ready on Sunday so it’s just time to S-L-E-E-P!

For further information please visit: attollolingerie.com