Teresa Lee


Oh dear, what a disaster! My table reservation was lost. I still don’t know what happened, the manager who initially came to speak to me never returned, but luckily there was a spare table for two that the friendly host showed us to. Jackson+Rye, who specialise in home-cooked East Coast American food, was busy and buzzing; according to our waiter this was “quiet” for them, so that seemed promising.

To start, Candice (my eating buddy) had Jumbo Shrimps, while I went for the Tuna Tartare. Hard to go wrong with a tuna tartare, it was not bad at all. The jumbo shrimps accompanied by American cocktail sauce, were less exciting but OK.Jackson & Rye Richmond - High Resolution04

For mains, I ordered the Shrimp Burger in a glazed brioche bun with guacamole, tomato, chilli, leaves chipotle mayo and fries, while Candice went for the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with spicy slaw and sweet potato fries. We asked our waiter if we could swap our fries option – I wanted sweet potato, Candice wanted regular fries. It would have been easier if we had just said nothing and swapped our fries when they arrived, however messy that would have been, because somehow our waiter did not understand our request and we both ended up with sweet potato fries. By the time Candice’s correct fries arrived, we had finished everything else. My shrimp burger was mediocre at best, and I detected no guacamole until the very last mouthful, where the merest smidge had been slopped on seemingly as an afterthought. The sweet potato fries were good, but lukewarm. Candice’s buttermilk fried chicken was very tasty, though small on the portion size.Bnk_1695

For our sides we chose the Truffled Mac and Cheese (listed as an appetiser) and sautéed cabbage. The mac and cheese was delicious, the crunchy kale pieces on top set it off perfectly. The sautéed cabbage never arrived, until we asked for it (twice), and it finally appeared toward the end of the meal. We were quite full by this point, and I can barely remember the taste, so I can safely assume that the taste suffered the same fate as my reservation – missing!

For dessert we decided to share the Melting Chocolate Sundae -after being prompted by the sight of the waiter pouring hot butterscotch sauce over a melting chocolate ball at our neighbour’s table; it looked too tempting to resist. When ours arrived, after a rather botched pouring of the sauce, half of which went down the side of the dessert container, we were rather disappointed with the taste. The vanilla ice cream was not creamy at all, but rather foamy, and the brownie was mediocre. It all mixed into a foamy, sickly sweet, unappetising concoction that we mostly left uneaten.

We also ordered teas, though my tea cup had a weird black stain on it, so I had to ask for a replacement.

I really don’t like writing negative reviews, and sincerely hope that Jackson+Rye were just having an off night, but based on my experience, I can not bring myself to recommend. Sadly, it was a total fiasco from start to finish.

Overall verdict:

Price – £61.25 (excluding service).

Service – 1/5 mixed; our main waiter was friendly if incompetent, we were also served by a waitress who came across as rather severe and unfriendly…..Overall too many mistakes were made.

Ambience – 2/5

Bathroom – 2.5/5 a bit cold and there was no soap in most of the soap dispensers.

Overall – 1/5

For reservations and further information please visit: www.jacksonrye.com