Sharon Reid


Are you looking for something with a little bit more longevity to gift your loved one this Valentine’s Day? If so, online purveyors of DIY (tech) kits, Technology Will Save Us have a whole heap of gift ideas ideal for bringing couples closer together. Options include: DIY kits that allow you to create your own speaker and pump up the slow jams, if your other half is into video games, there’s a kit for that; or perhaps you prefer to profess your love via song well you can with the DIY Synth kit.

The DIY Kits

Synth KitSYNTH_1_white_web

About: Make your own synthesiser from scratch with this kit. From there, you can experiment with pitch, frequency, and volume to make electronic music  – who knows you may create the next big hit!

Price: £25.00

Speaker KitSpeaker_web

About: By following the simple step-by-step instructions, you’ll be playing music in just a couple of hours while also learning about circuits and electrical components.

Price: £28.00

Gamer KitFront_Gamer+box

About: The Gamer Kit is a games console that you can build and code yourself to learn about electronics and programming. Out of the box, you can play and hack classic games, such as Snake and Flappy Birds. Then, learn how to code your own games by following the step-by-step tutorials.

Price: £90.00

Whether it’s playing video games with your boo, listening to or making sweet music, give red roses and chocolates the swerve, and go for alternative gifts this Valentine’s Day.


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