Registered chef, health practitioner, nutritional expert and founder of Nosh Detox, the UK’s first home delivery detox service, Geeta Sidhu-Robb, shares her expertise on the latest food trend and explores why purple foods are a cause for applause. With predictions in for the top 2017 food trends, the Nosh Detox team have seen a clear favourite: Purple Foods.

What are the health benefits of purple foods?

Purple foods’ talents go far beyond its duty of brightening up a dish – they pack a punch in the nutrients and antioxidants department too!

The distinct purple colour comes from anthocyanins: an antioxidant which is medically proven to reap a vast amount of health benefits. This means that the deeper-darker purple foods have a higher content of antioxidants and nutrition.

Studies have shown many health benefits of purple foods

These Include:

Helping fight cancer: Resveratol – a type of natural phenol – is present in purple grapes, blueberries and even red wine, and has shown promising results in studies which have helped induce cancer cell death.

Helping fight obesity: Studies have shown that high levels of anthocyanins in purple foods such as purple sweet potatoes are imperative in helping control levels of leptin – otherwise dubbed the ‘Obesity hormone’.

Reducing damage to the liver: Anthoncyanins found in purple foods have been known to reduce damage to the liver, which can be caused by a variety of reasons.

Improving heart health: Anthoncyanins can help play a pivotal role in protecting the heart muscle from oxidative damage. It can also help reduce ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol whilst improving ‘good’ HDL cholesterol.

Anti-Ageing benefits: Overtime, UVA and UVB light can have damaging effects on our skin. The light causes the breakdown of collagen which then results in skin losing tightness. Anthocyanins in purple foods have (according to studies) help reverse UV damage to our skin and can help postpone the breakdown of collagen.

Nosh Detox’s Top 5 Purple Foods

Purple CabbagePhoto bt Master Isolated Images -red, purple, cabbage, vegetable, half, halved,

Purple cabbage contains more vitamin C (which is an effective antioxidant) than green cabbage. Furthermore, purple cabbage also contains high levels of vitamin A which is imperative in supporting the body’s immune response.

Purple Potatoescut, food, front, grocery, half, healthy, nobody, nutritious, organic, potato, purple, red, root, shot, single, slice, sliced, studio, sweet, tuber, up, vegetable, view, yam,

Sweet potatoes are supplied in a variety of colours which contain vitamin A, vitamin C and manganese. However the deeper the colours (purples, reds), the more antioxidants it contains – so take note of the colour before buying!

Purple CarrotsPhoto by Hans -carrots, red carrots, purple, deep purple, carrots locations, turnip,

Purple carrots contain high levels of vitamin A, (which is also found in ordinary carrots); however they also contain high levels of anthocyanins which possess a vast amount of health benefits, (as listed above).

BeetrootPhoto by WDnetStudio -red, beets, vegetables, foliage, culinary blog, a healthy lifestyle, vitamins, vegetable juice, burak, vegetarianism, vegan, antioxidants, the plot, agriculture, collections, eco-friendly, natural, without fertilizers, without chemistry, home production,

Beetroots are high in vitamin C, which is essential in helping maintain a good, strong and healthy immune system. It’s also high in fibre and other essential minerals such as potassium which is vital in helping maintain healthy nerve and muscles functions.

Black Rice

Albeit it may not be purple; black rice is host to a variety of health benefits. With a considerable amount of iron and vitamin E, black rice is known to contain anti-ageing elements and improve heart health.

So let purple reign supreme in 2017!

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