What do Ariana Huffington, Barack Obama, Tim Cook and Richard Branson have in common? Aside from being successful beyond most people’s wildest dreams, they exercise daily. Not only that, but most of them exercise before the rest of the world has even stirred from slumber.

Buyagift looked closely at 12 of the most successful entrepreneurs, and CEOs  in the world. Looking at the sleep and exercise habits of the aforementioned in relation to their net worth, we began to see a trend. We wondered: is there a correlation between exercise frequency and earning potential?

The short answer is: yes.

We got to work surveying 850 Buyagift customers on their morning routine, exercise schedule and income bracket. Overwhelmingly we found that those with higher earning potential were the same individuals waking up with the birds to embark on a structured and active day.

So, who in England embodies this the most?

Half of the biggest earners (£200k+ yearly salary) we talked to live in London, and 44 per cent of them work out five days a week. A massive 71 per cent of them begin the day with a workout – 30 per cent of that occurs before 5 a.m.  And not all of them are getting their sweat on in a fancy gym. Many report walking, swimming and cycling as their exercise of choice. Furthermore, 45 per cent of high earners agreed with the statement that “regular exercise can contribute to being more successful in life.”Photo by keijj44 - swimming, sport, swimmer, water, summer, pool, swim, active, girl, blue, activity, swimming pool, fitness, splash, leisure,

On the other end of the spectrum, 30 per cent of those surveyed with a salary between £20-29k reported working out three days or less per week, with only 17 per cent working out five days. The average time of waking was 6:30 a.m., at which point 69 per cent of respondents in this bracket reported heading straight to work instead of working out. However, 58 per cent of this group agreed with the statement that “regular exercise can contribute to being happier in life.”

Whether you make a little or a lot, everyone seems to agree that exercise can improve quality of life, which produces higher income potential due to increased motivation and productivity throughout the day. If your New Year’s resolution was to get in shape and feel better, this research is an even better reason to stick to your goals. What are you waiting for? Let’s get moving!

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