Sharon Reid


Kicks, sneakers, trainers – most of us own at least one pair. Whether we wear strictly for leisure purposes i.e. the gym/exercise or to stunt ‘on the gram’, the (not so) humble training shoe’s (have you clocked how much a pair of Yeezy’s cost?!) – Pop icon status shows no sign of diminishing.

If you are a self-confessed ‘hypebeast’* you will certainly relish G.O.A.T** Sneakers – an exhibition presented by global fashion search engine Lyst.*** Curated by leading international sneaker expert, Neal Heard, the exhibition plays homage – revealing the secret stories behind the creation of the most iconic sneakers ever made; providing a fascinating narrative of the integral role they played within key sporting and cultural movements throughout the 20th & 21st  century. The exhibition even attempts to look inside the mind of a ‘sneakerhead’ – a sneaker enthusiast who exhibits obsessive devotion.

Explaining the idea behind the exhibition, curator Neal Heard said:DSCF1172-Edit

“Our intention has been to create an exhibition that will engage both the general public and the purist sneakerhead. We’ve worked hard to find a balance between giving the broad sweep of sneaker history as well as the secret stories and anecdotes associated with the personalities, companies, controversies, cultural movements and, of course, the sneakers themselves.”

A wall devoted to the twenty-five greatest sneakers of all time, as voted for by an international online poll comprising of the general public and industry experts, forms the centrepiece of the exhibition.

Rory Scott, from Lyst describes how the exhibition is the very embodiment of sneaker culture:DSCF1225

“Millions of shoppers use Lyst to search for their dream sneakers online. This exhibition brings to life the world of sneaker culture, the history and the myths that surround these iconic shoes, as well as celebrating some of the world’s favourite styles.”

To find out why sneakers have reached Pop icon status, and for a fully immersive experience into sneaker culture check out G.O.A.T Sneakers at the Archivist Gallery, Haggerston.

On until the 5th February. Entry is FREE, for further information please visit:



** Greatest Sneakers of all Time