Sharon Reid


After the excess of Christmas, now may be a good time to explore healthier eating options. January, is already synonymous with Dry January and the obligatory ‘New Year, New Start’ mantra. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to also throw veganism into the mix with ‘Veganuary’ – I see what they done there.

I for one have no issue with committing to veganism during this month – I am for all intents and purposes a part-time vegan during the week so a whole month is easy peasy for me. For those of you who would prefer to flirt with this lifestyle rather than going in at full throttle, you may want to take a trip down to Bournemouth.

Bournemouth, once the sole reserve of retired pensioners and those hardy enough to brave the British weather for a staycation, has now been given something of a vegan makeover. Bournemouth is giving even the likes of Brighton a run for its money when it comes to its vegan offerings – with a number of speciality restaurants and dishes on the menu throughout the town.Green House Hotel Winter Menu

Even the most dedicated of vegans can enjoy a trip to Bournemouth with the added bonus of finding delicious and interesting food, and could even dine out every night for a whole month without having to visit the same eatery twice!

In recent months there has been a swathe of new venues opening in Bournemouth that incorporate a great vegan range, even putting larger cities to shame, which is great for those on eco-diets looking for a suitable staycation.

Since the beginning of summer 2016 alone six new places with eclectic vegan offerings have opened: Ojo Rojo (Mexican), Steam (cream teas), Skinny Kitchen (fitness inspired healthy eating), Velo Domestique (cycle café), Yo Sushi (sushi) and The Stable (Pizzeria).bournemouth-vegan-meal

Beth Buckle, Assistant Manager of The Stable, Bournemouth said:

“Our vegan offering is going down a real treat in Bournemouth – and Lizzie from Dorset Vegan organises monthly meet-ups at our restaurant, which is growing very popular very quickly.

“As a long-term vegan myself I am very proud to offer starters, nibbles and mains to vegan customers. We also supply soy milk so our vegan diners can finish off with a coffee or hot chocolate!bournemouth-vegan-dessert

“Our head chef and our vegan chef are experimenting with vegan desserts because of the number of vegan clients we have here.”

Talking of desserts, what sort of seaside resort would Bournemouth be if it couldn’t offer a range of scrumptious ice creams? There are two ice cream parlours which sell speciality vegan ice creams and shakes; Giggi Gelateria and Lollipop, and for dairy -free ‘milkshakes’, there is Shakeaway.

If you are enjoying a vegan lifestyle or keen to accommodate any vegan friends and family, then opt for a relaxing break by the sea next summer and the chance to feast on delicious dairy -free options by embracing Bournemouth’s new vegan vibe!

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