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‘Goodwill to all men’ is a declaration we often hear during this festive time of the year, the feelgood fuzzy feelings some of us emanate sometimes gets channelled via charitable acts. Therefore, it is always heart warming to hear of individuals who have been inspired to set up charities to help those in need. A group of young graduates have done just that with the launch of a GoFundMe fundraising campaign as part of a new initiative for photographers to exhibit, sell and share their work in aid of charity.

Faces in Focus provides a platform for photographers to tell stories through their powerful imagery and then sell and share their work in aid of charitable causes.

Established as a social enterprise by three young photographers; Joseph Lebus (22), who is studying at Durham University, Tara Rowse (23) and Stuart Swift (22), both based in London, the Faces in Focus website provides a meeting point for photographers and allows them to choose a charitable organisation to benefit from their photography.

Louder Than Bombs - Photo by Furkan Temir, War, Syria, Ayn-el Arab, ISIS, Attack, Young, Boys, Men, Teenagers,

Photo by Furkan Temir

An exhibition was held in October to highlight some of the photographers taking part in Faces in Focus, including Emily Garthwaite, who depicted female empowerment in Bihar, India, and Furkan Temir’s, whose ‘Louder Than Bombs’ series visualises the harrowing effects of the ISIS attack on the Syrian town of Ayn-el Arab.

Around 20 photographers are currently involved in Faces in Focus, ranging from internationally recognised names to unknown up-and-coming talent, and the aim is to curate a growing number of photographers each year.

The team behind Faces in Focus have also launched a GoFundMe campaign to help fund the initiative through graphic design work, renting exhibition spaces and printing and mounting photographs to be displayed.

Photo by Emily Gartwaite -Bihar, dawn, India, Young, Girls, Females, Indian, Stairs, Climbing, Saris,

Photo by Emily Gartwaite

The group need to raise around £2,500 to help get the project off the ground.

Explaining the ethos behind the project, Tara said: “The initiative came about while Joseph was at university on a year abroad in Columbia. He told me the idea and I loved it. We want to use it as a platform to not only promote the photographer’s work but the stories they are representing too.

“Through selling prints, direct donations, or signing up to volunteer, we provide a conduit to invest in the futures of those on both sides of the lens.”

Photo by -katya Barton, black, man, muscular, fit, toned, hands, palm, fingers,

Photo by Katya Barton

As well as an online presence, where customers can buy prints or donate directly to the charity, Faces in Focus will also hold regular exhibitions, to maintain a physical presence and boost awareness.

Kelsea Little’s, spokesperson for, optimism for this project is evident: “Faces in Focus is doing a wonderful thing – combining art and charity is an inspiring idea. We hope their launch goes smoothly, and can’t wait to follow along!”


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