Sharon Reid


I first tried panettone as a teenager – a friend had just returned from a trip to Italy and warned me of the moreish qualities of this scrumptious cake/bread hybrid. So it comes as no surprise that panettone has outsold the more stodgier Christmas Pudding.*

Carluccio’s has changed the panettone game with its new Panettone alla Crema di Prosecco: made with sourdough yeast, Carluccio’s Venetian producers mix Treviso D.O.P prosecco superiore with a light Italian custard called pasticceria, before piping it into the panettone thus creating a decadent and subtly sweet taste. Pair with a chilled glass of Santo Stefano Prosecco from Veneto** for a perfect post-supper treat.

Panettone alla Crema di Prosecco, £19.95 for 900g from Carluccio’s restaurants and Other panettone in the Carluccio’s range include the Panettone Tradizionale (£16.95), small Panettone (£9.95) and Panettone al Cioccolato (£16.95).