Lucy Jones, a dietitian who regularly appears on TV on programmes such as Loose Women and The Titchmarsh Show, is working with Princes to encourage people to eat their five a day, which can include canned foods, in the run up to Christmas when lives get busy and we have a tendency to over indulge with the wrong foods. In addition, she’s on a mission to encourage people to start getting some of their five a day first thing in the morning and has put together some tops tips for enjoying a healthy breakfast.

Don’t skip breakfast: This is always rushed compared to lunch and dinner – get into a good habit of starting the day well.

Lucy Jones

Lucy Jones

Organise your shopping list: Preparing varied and exciting breakfasts doesn’t need to take hours, as long as you set yourself up with everything you need.  It all starts with the supermarket shop, ensuring you’ve got a variety of options to cover all the food groups, including handy Princes Canned Fruit in Juice – a store cupboard essential which counts towards your five a day. It also helps you cut down on waste, and has the chopping, pitting and peeling already taken care of.

Provide plenty of choice: It’s important to provide choice at breakfast and get the whole family interested in what they are eating.  That said, I would always recommend choices within limits. Create a specific breakfast cupboard so that everyone knows where to find what’s on offer. Fruit comes in so many different flavours, colours and textures for a tasty and nutritious option every day of the week, whether you eat it on its own, as a topping on cereal or mixed with natural yoghurt. It might not be possible on school mornings, but why not set aside a little time at the weekend to prepare a good breakfast as a family, and show children how easy it can be?

Prepare breakfast in advance if needed:  Using fruit at breakfast means you can put a balanced breakfast together easily, but if you’re still tight on time in the morning, get ahead the night before, Overnight Oats are very popular – click here for the quick and easy recipe.img_2173

Eat well on the move: If you do happen to miss breakfast, don’t give up on the day. Small cans such as Princes Peaches, Pineapple and Fruit Cocktail with Juice are perfect on the move – each can contains a single, pre-prepared portion of your five a day, and there’s no need for a can opener! If you’re a working mum, you can even take it to work to tip onto your cereal or porridge for a nutritious boost – you don’t have to worry about it bruising in your bag, and can even keep a supply in your desk drawer.

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