Sharon Reid


It was not until the grand old age of 23 I started to fully appreciate the hydrating powers of H2O. Prior to this, my tipple of choice was either ginger beer, or a sugar laden fruit juice. Despite coming late to the water guzzling party, I am always impressed when I see young people (voluntarily) drinking water – especially children. Fortunately for those who require a little more prompting, there are a number of flavoured waters available, including the newly launched Hey Like Wow.

Described as ‘The Revolutionary New Soft Drink’, for its innovative cap technology, Hey Like Wow contains no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners and allergens. What it does contain is natural mineral water, calcium, and powdered optimised vitamins (B6, C and D) – which are delivered into the water via the blast –cap technology at the point of drinking.unnamed

In addition to the carefully formulated nutritional benefits, Hey Like Wow is available in a range of flavours sure to appeal to both children and adults, including: Apple, Orange, Blackcurrant, Pomegranate & Acai, Apple & Dragonfruit and Mango Lime & Coconut.

With the war on sugar currently underway, become part of the soft drink revolution by quenching your thirst with a vitamin enriched bottle of Hey Like Wow.

Hey Like Wow is available from Tesco stores (RRP) £99p. For further information please visit: