Sharon Reid


As we grow ever more reliant on contactless payments, we prey victim to new inventive ways of separating us from our hard –earned money, yes, electronic pickpockets are now a thing. I first became aware of this phenomenon just a few weeks ago when a friend sent me a video of an electronic pickpocket in action – scroll down for video. Fortunately, wallet designers have come up with ‘smart wallets’ as an effective way to counteract these thefts.

The Nodus Collection’s Hifold Wallet

Style notes: This stylish wallet is handcrafted from ethically sourced and made from sustainable full grain vegetable tanned Italian leather.hifold-4-wh-br

Key features:

  •  Security: RFID blocking protects all inner cards from ‘skimming’, while a single RFID enabled slot hidden in the note sleeve allows quick and convenient contactless payments without the fear of ‘Card Clash’.
  • ‘Slimmer by Design’: Slim profile reduces pocket bulk yet features four slots for most commonly used cards, a pull tab pocket for lesser used cards and a handy space for a spare key.

 Priced from £54.99 available from:

Walli the Smart Wallet

Style notes: Made from 100% genuine leather, this simple and elegant Bluetooth travel wallet has six card slots, two cash pockets, and one hidden coin pocket.screen1_81ec44db-35ba-43be-b791-1b7eb6b76f72_grande

Key features:

  • Alerts your smartphone if you leave it behind (and shows you where you left it).
  • Alerts your smartphone if you leave your card behind.
  • Double tap wallet to make your phone beep.
  • RFID protection from scanning devices.

Priced at £89.99 available from: