Teresa Lee


Ma’Plucker is a quirky chicken joint located in the heart of Carnaby, serving up a selection of delicious homemade chicken dishes in a fun, wood-panelled, chicken coop-themed interior. In keeping with my tradition of choosing awkward dining partners, for this chicken restaurant I was accompanied by my elfin friend Ellie, who does not eat animal products. However, our waiter and branch manager Kevin outdid himself, not only by being genuinely warm and friendly, and going over the menu with us, but he also went out of his way to make our experience a great one.
I went for their staple customisable ‘3-way’ chicken’, in which you can choose the way that your chicken is prepared, in addition to a base and sauce. The menu has a handy bikini symbol beside the ‘skinny’ options. I went for a maple waffle base and chicken skin gravy with the bikini-stamped ‘Rotisserie chipotle rubbed and roasted’ quarter chicken. It was a struggle coming to this choice as the other options ­– crispy coated buttermilk dipped and hickory spiced pulled slow and low – looked equally amazing. The maple waffle base was a revelation; I requested they go light on the maple syrup, and my god was it good. The gravy was also delicious, though it was barely enough for my quarter chicken, so I wonder how one would fare with a half chicken? – you get two bases and two sauces with a whole chicken. For vegetarians there is also the option of crispy coated halloumi cheese in place of the chicken. I ordered seasonal greens for a side but there was none, so I was given buttered corn instead. I would have preferred to have chosen an alternative side, especially as I could taste no butter so left the corn largely untouched, but our waiter Kevin was so lovely I let that slide.unnamed-5
As there were no vegan mains, Ellie managed to construct a meal out of sides: fries, homemade baked beans and buttered corn. She seemed very happy with her selection. The beans were special: definitely not out of a Heinz can, they had a particular tanginess to them, and the chips had been fried well, made apparent with every crunchy bite. This was all washed down with a satisfyingly strong iced margarita.
For dessert I dithered over the two ice cream sundae flavours: sweet’n’salty popcorn or cornflake and caramel. I opted for the cornflake and caramel, but Kevin kindly gave me a small ball of the popcorn sundae to taste, as that was his preferred flavour. I think I made the right choice; I had never had ice cream flavoured like cereal before, it was surprisingly refreshing, and the caramel sauce and sprinkling of crunchy cornflakes topped it off nicely. Kevin surprised Ellie with a serving of sweet and salty popcorn, as there were no vegan desserts; he had even double-checked to ensure that the popcorn was definitely vegan. What a charmer.img_2160
We could not sample the entire menu sadly, though I would have liked to because it all sounded lip-smackingly good, particularly their crack & cheeze side: deep fried balls of oozing macaroni cheese. In any case, Ma’Plucker is highly recommended, and just hope that you get Kevin serving you on your visit.
Ma’Plucker also does delivery and takeaway, expansion is immenient with new branches opening soon.
Overall verdict:
Price – £34.75 (excluding service).
Service – Exceptional: Kevin was the nicest waiter in the world!
Ambience –  Amazing playlist of old school tunes had me dancing in my chair.
Bathroom – 5/5 Clean and cheerful
For reservations and further information please visit: maplucker.com