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Working from home has a lot of benefits. You can create your own schedule and work at the time of day you prefer, you can avoid those long commutes to work and save valuable time and money. It can make your job easier and give you a sense of freedom. According to research, your work environment affects how effective you are. This is why you should take time when designing a designated work area. Here are some tips on how to create the ideal work space in your home.


Working in a dark room isn’t good for you. By illuminating (1) your work space, you will save yourself the headaches and eye strain.(2) Organize your workspace as close as possible to the windows. Natural light is better than artificial. If you work on a computer, make sure that there is no direct sun light hitting your monitor. This can create a glare on your monitor and make it harder for you to see anything on it. A small lamp on your desk can be both useful and decorative. It will provide illumination during the darker hours, when there is no sunlight.

Choose the right location

You will spend hours working in your home office, this is why you need to make it bearable. Don’t just put the desk in a tiny corner and be done with it. If you have a spare room, there’s no reason you shouldn’t use it for yourself. Also it isn’t recommended to make your office in a living room or someplace where there is a lot of traffic in your house. If you are easily distracted, make sure to put your office in a space you can focus (3) in and dedicate yourself to work. Your office should provide you with some privacy, especially if you will have clients coming to your home office.

Arron Hiddleston

Arron Hiddleston

Make yourself comfortable

This is your office, and you have the freedom to create your own working space. You can match the overall look of your office to the look of your house. Or you can create something completely different, it is up to you. Since home offices aren’t usually huge, you have to make the most out of the space you have. You should invest in a good chair, since you will be sitting it most of the day. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a designated area for relaxing. Throw in a sofa if you have the space, if not a comfy chair with an ottoman will do. If you want to decorate your work space, make sure you have enough space for your Zion interiors furniture. (4)


You are not working from a cubicle, give yourself some freedom and put some items in your home office that will make it homely. Hang your diploma on the wall, perhaps some motivational posters or the drawings your kids made. Consider putting in a plant, it will add some style to your office. Paint the wall, it doesn’t have to be white and sterile. Use the colors you’re comfortable with, which will instantly put you in a working mood. Some artworks would also fit nicely, anything that will inspire you and make it a more comfortable environment.

Working from home can be amazing, think about the time and money you would save on transportation. This also means that you can make your own work environment. And when you have the freedom why not use it. Make it as comfortable for yourself but also make sure that you can work there in peace without any distractions.corner-desk-home-office-stunning-used-home-office-furniture

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