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Carlos Yunior Acosta Quesada, otherwise known as Carlos Acosta, a former leading classical ballet dancer, acclaimed for his unique dance style of effortlessly combined athleticism and theatrical skills. Yet, Carlos possessed a unique ability: to transmit both passion and an intense joy of dance even to those who would not necessarily opt for a ballet performance as their chosen evening’s entertainment.

Carlos’ well documented origins and history are worth a mention: born in Cuba, Carlos was the youngest son from a large family who struggled to make a living. Carlos was introduced to ballet by his truck driver father, who hoped Carlos would benefit from the discipline associated with this classical art form. After graduating from the prestigious Cuban National Ballet School in 1991, Carlos’ natural grace and aforementioned athleticism caught the attention of several European and American ballet companies – where he was often cast in lead romantic roles.

Fast forward to early October and I enjoyed the privilege of witnessing this legendary, dance genius, perform his swan song: Carlos Acosta – The Classical Farewell, at the Royal Albert Hall. His farewell did not disappoint (my already high) expectations.Carlos-acosta-by-angela-taylor - Cuban, Ballet, Dancer,

The first act was built around a sequence of ballet classics. While the audience was gradually transported to contemporary pieces during the second act, comprising of a beautiful harmony that culminated into the grand finale – Carlos’ breathtaking solo made even more poignant knowing that this was his last classical performance.

After the performance, suddenly feeling nostalgic I recall watching a video of a teenaged Carlos Acosta in his native Cuba, his burgeoning talent was evident and international fame soon beckoned after he won a dance contest with a moving performance. Carlos’ farewell clearly illustrated his incredible journey from ‘raw’ adolescent genius to mature founder of Acosta Danza – a dance company set up to train the new generation of young Cuban dancers. In addition to nurturing new talent, Carlos is also committed to integrating both ballet and contemporary via Acosta Danza – a fitting way to enable Carlos’ legacy to live on.


For further information about Carlos Acosta and Acosta Danza please visit: www.carlosacosta.com