Emma Cogbill


If you want to watch a dance performance with a difference this Autumn book tickets now to see Canadian contemporary circus troupe Cirque Eloize at the Peacock Theatre.

This is a spectacular display that I guarantee you wont have seen before.

A  menagerie of talented artists twist and turn their way effortlessly through different individual acts on stage resulting in a breathtaking performance,which keeps the audience on the edge of their seat.

Set against a soundtrack of electronic and hip hop, circus acts are cleverly interposed with street dancers, contortionists with jugglers, roller bladers with trampolinists. The result is electrifying; although there is no overall plot running through the whole performance, instead, snippets of narrative are utilised to tell a series of short stories which seamlessly flows with energy and rhythmID Cirque Eloize

There are some noteworthy characters along the way, the contortionist Nicole Winter is an absolute marvel; the way her body bends to accommodate the convoluted positions she can get into simply has to be seen to be believed; the cheeky chappy, Jean Phillipe Deltell, in his bright orange suit, juggling firing tennis balls across the stage quicker than the eye can follow makes for an intense and energetic encounter. Then there is trial cyclist, Thiabaut Phillipe who caused gasps from the audience when he performed nail biting bunny hops over an audience member’s head!

Director, Jeannot Paichaud’s skills are evident in the way elegance is juxtaposed with  grit and realism. Urban street scenes paired with neon graphics become romantic love scenes complete with flowing aerial ribbons and elegant streamline skating.

This is not a polished choreographed performance, this is a combination of raw talent amalgamated into something truly unique. This is a performance not to be missed.

Cirque Eloize runs until the 8th October to book tickets please visit: www.sadlerswells.com