Sharon Reid


Being of Caribbean decent I have always associated rum with the Caribbean, be it Jamaica’s Appleton, and J. Wray and Nephew or Mount Gay hailing from Barbados. Little did I know that Britain has a burgeoning rum scene thanks to craft, micro, distilleries such as: English Spirit Distillery; Spirit Masters; Dark Matters Distillery, to name but a few. Thanks to the internet, specialist liquor stores, and the increasingly popular RumFest, UK produced rums are readily available.

Newly launched Parlay Ultra Black Rum, is a new addition to Britain’s burgeoning rum scene, founded by Craig Smith, Parlay uses the highest quality ingredients and most traditional methods of rum making. Keen to stand out, Parlay contains a splash of fruit infusions – a new innovation, with notes of raisin, tangerine, cherry and vanilla providing a smooth fruity flavour with the warmth of a true rum. This rich blend is triple distilled and housed in British oak barrels – resulting in a combination of unique subtle spiced after – tones that leave a lasting and pleasing taste on the palette.bottle-transparent

With over 10 years experience of working in the bar and spirits industry, Craig’s reason for launching, a strong, directional brand is clear cut:

 “After being carried away by the mythical stories of pirates and their adventures I landed on an old folks tale of the pirate brethren and the enchanted stories surrounding it. Parlay as written in the pirate code of conduct set down by Morgan and Bartholomew was a way for enemies to negotiate truths typically over a bottle of rum. With this in mind I began to create the brand Parlay in December 2015 and turned to one of the countries most experienced and sought after Master Distillers, John Walters of the English Spirit Distillery.”

Parlay Ultra Black Rum, was launched on July 4th 2016 and is available to buy across the UK and online, for further information please visit: