Sharon Reid


If you have not yet had the chance to head down to contemporary Chinese restaurant Bright Courtyard; the whole month of September is dedicated to their fifth birthday, where you can enjoy the WuXing Five Elements Menu – a five course tasting menu; fear not as they have contributed their Braised Pork Belly recipe. Despite the professional appearance  – I have been assured that this recipe is quite easy to prepare, so get cracking!image


Pork belly: 500g

Anise: 2 grain

Shredded ginger: 3g

Spring onion: 30g

Dark soy sauce: 5g

Light soy sauce: 5g

Sugar: 30g

Shaohsing Rice Wine: 10g

Water: 1000g


Cut pork belly into small cubes.

Stir fry anise, shredded ginger and spring onion with little oil, then add pork belly cubes into it.

Add above flavourings, continue stir-frying until the cubes become red and place in 1000g water with high heat.

After it is boiling, turn to small heat for 45 minuets.

Finally, turning into high heat, stir evenly until all sauce is absorbed, dish up and serve.