Sharon Reid


How’s this for a clever idea? Independent Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn, has introduced two Virtual Reality experiences that is set to change the way drinkers taste and enjoy their favourite beer and lager.

Customers who order the brewer’s Original or Lager at participating bars, will now also be served a Virtual Reality headset that will transport them to the landscapes inspired by the flavour profiles of the two brews – cue beer goggles pun.

The food industry* has already flirted with the use of Virtual Reality (VR), now the beer industry has followed suit with Innis & Gun’s VR experience which were first introduced at The Beer Kitchen in Edinburgh and Dundee until last week, more dates and venues are to be added during the coming weeks in London; at the Brewhouse Highbury and Brewhouse Islington, and in Glasgow’s Tabac. Drinkers will be served their pint, alongside a VR headset and a beer mat explaining exactly what to do and why.

Explaining the reason behind this unique offering, Dougal Gunn Sharp, Master Brewer and Founder at Innis & Gunn said:

“This year we’ve seen Virtual Reality amusement parks, house viewings and food tastings so we were fascinated to explore how this incredible technology would impact our beers. We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of the beer industry and Immersive & Gunn allows us to play with the ways that different senses impact taste.

“I’m excited to see how drinkers react when they’re thrust into dense woods and scale tall cliffs. By accessing the wilderness of Scotland we’re playing with the way people consume our beers, when we are no longer confined to the physical space we occupy, the possibilities for innovation are endless.”

Want to know what to expect? Then click on the videos below for a taster.


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