Sharon Reid


The bottomless brunch has come under fire of late, news stories warning of the dire health implications from drinking endless prosecco before 11am on an ‘empty stomach’* are not to be taken lightly, hopefully the filling dishes at Rudie’s should combat any emptiness and you can indulge in their Unlimited Rum Punch Brunch with impunity – well we certainly did on our visit.

Opened a year ago, Rudie’s joins a stellar line up of ‘new wave’ Caribbean restaurants: Dub Jam, The Rum Kitchen, and Boom Burger, which have descended across the capital to satiate the cravings of Caribbean food loving Londoners. All these restaurants are distinctively different in terms of menu and décor, yet similar in the overall vibe, albeit the friendly staff, reggae infused soundtracks and obvious Caribbean references.

During our visit we demolished the Ackee & salt fish bakes – light, crispy morsels which were not dense and made for a great starter, washed down with the first of our bottomless rum punch.RUM PUNCH!

After a brief interlude we tackled our mains of Curry goat (for hubby) and the Likkle Ochi seafood (for me). When I was a meat eater, I used to love curry goat; its very existence almost derailed my attempts to go meat –free in the early days, although the temptation is well and truly over I can still appreciate the scent of the strong spices used to marinate the meat, and Rudie’s offering didn’t disappoint, hubby enjoyed the tenderness of the cubed goat meat along with the rich, distinctive curry flavours.curry goat II

My seafood platter was beyond delicious: a gorgeous medley of jerk grilled oysters, squid, swordfish steaks and jumbo prawns, served with home-made festival (a lighter sweeter version of fried dumplings) and a salad of tomatoes and avocado. As I write this review, I become suddenly aware of my tummy rumbling, and my mouth watering at the thought of devouring this platter all over again.

Also worth a mention are the side dishes of Sweet potato fries and the earthy green Calaloo – often served steamed it makes for a great alternative to spinach and kale. IMG_1302

Several refills of rum punch later the Rum cake with rum caramel sauce and ice cream was ordered to inexplicably help ‘soak up the alcohol’ – well, far be it for me to discontinue the days’ theme! I envisioned the rum cake to taste like the rum –soaked moist home -baked cakes I’ve had the good fortune to devour over the years – this offering was a little dry and lacked the intensity and all important moistness I have come to associate with rum cake, yet the free –flowing rum punch more than made up for this minor disappointment.


Overall verdict:

Price – A very reasonable £59.75. The free flowing rum punch is complimentary providing you order a minimum of two courses.

Service – We were served by the lovely Dionne (one of the partners) who was warm and cordial.

Ambience – Super relaxed vibe, just what you need on a Sunday.

Bathroom – 4/5 clean and functional.


Rudie’s Unlimited Rum Punch Brunch is available Saturday & Sunday afternoons until 25th September, for reservations and further information please visit: