Emily Jarvis


You’ve got your idea, your business plan has been finalised, you’ve secured the correct funding, and perhaps you’re ready to employ your first staff member or move into your very first office. But have you stopped to make sure that you’ve got the correct systems and software in place to make your business run smoothly?

When you’re caught up in the thrill of running your own business it can mean the little day to day details that can sometimes be forgotten, but with a whole host of software solutions available to access or download in an instant you can be left to focus on the more important (and fun) things.

HR Management

HR is a big part of running a business and certainly not an area I would advocate neglecting at all, but in the day to day running of your own company it can be something which often gets left behind especially if you’re a one man band.

As a start-up or SME when employing your first few members of staff it’s SO important to keep on top of the admin side of human resources. Managing holiday requests, absences and documents isn’t a fun task by any means, so use a HR management tool which allows staff to log HR interactions and allow you to keep on top of things in one space.

Social Mediasocial-media

If your business isn’t on social media then you’re doing yourself a serious disservice, but don’t make the mistake of signing up to every social platform available thinking that it’s easy to manage and then not posting regularly.

There’s nothing worse than someone who’s set up a social media page and has barley posted since. Using a tool such as TweetDeck (this guide on TechRadar* is one of the most helpful) will allow you to schedule tweets and monitor whatever hashtag you want so you can join in conversations and keep up to date with your industry.

Managing Workloads

Say goodbye to pen and paper and keep your to-do lists online instead. Particularly useful if you work across a lot of different clients or projects, Basecamp allows you to add to do lists, set tasks and interact with other team members in one place.

Let employees take control of how they manage their workload and allow them to complete their set tasks in a way that works for them. A work management tool can also allow you to keep an eye on projects from afar and enable you to track progress at any given moment.

Finance Systemspiggy-bank-1047211_640

The aim of all business is to make money, but when it comes to getting your head in check when it comes to figures can be a bit mind blowing. A good accountant is worth their weight in gold to help manage the numbers, but if you’re feeling confident then there are online systems too which enable you to look after you accounts. Looking to expand or want to see if you have enough money to invest in new projects? Then there’s a tool for that too that will completely integrate into your existing system.

DataPartner explains more, “The tools for facilitating your investment and valuation analysis is one solution. However, being proficient in performing the analysis is a skill that does not come automatically. This is why we offer a range of services that help you develop the organised way of cash-flow modelling.”

Keep Collaborating

Collaboration is the key to success, but keeping track of ideas and inspiration can be a nightmare. We use tools such as Pinterest to plan every aspect of our personal lives but it doesn’t quite translate over to the business world.

RealTime boards are a great way to keep inspiration in one place and allow team members to collaborate on projects. Set boards up for each client or project you may be working on and use it as a base before you start work to gather your thoughts.

There are plenty more tech essentials that could be included in the list. Start with the basics to ensure you get the foundations right, before you begin to invest in every platform out there. However, most importantly make sure it works for your business and isn’t just a fad.

About the author: Emily Jarvis is a former business consultant, she is currently working as a freelance writer sharing her expert advice and tips within the business industry.


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** www.datapartner.fi