Sharon Reid


As Pokémon Go* fever continues to soar; I’ve read endless news reports revolving around people’s obsession with this virtual game ranging from sacrificed social lives, to exhaustion at work due to some folk being up all night playing this highly addictive game. So it comes as no surprise that some people’s holiday choices (a large majority of millennials) are now influenced by this phenomenal craze, according to™. 85% of millennials plan to play the game on their summer holiday and over half of Brits would consider a new destination because of Pokémon Go.

The study* of 500 British millennial travellers reveals that Brits abroad this summer will spend four hours per day Pokémon hunting, compared to just three hours spent sunbathing. 60% of Pokémad Brits plan to play the game more when they’re away than they do at home, with 55% actually choosing their next holiday destination because it’s a Pokéstop hotspot.

Destination Pokémon

It’s not just the usual holiday hotspots that will be swarming with gamers though, as millennials appear to be changing their travel choices in the wake of the phenomenon, with with over half (54%) considering new destinations knowing that there will be more Pokémon available to catch there.

When it comes to choosing a hotel, it seems millennials are tech hungry as always and care more about free Wi-Fi to play Pokémon Go (64%) than about a free breakfast (37%). 15% even admitted they’d choose one hotel over another because one was a Pokéstop and 23% said they’d choose a hotel just because it offered free lures. Twice as many people also confessed they’re more likely to use a Pokégym in a hotel (52%) than the actual hotel gym (20%).

Lured to learn, explore and crawl 

The game is opening travellers’ eyes to culture, landmarks and exploration. 45% of holidaymakers say they’ll spend more time than ever exploring a city this summer and 35% believe they’ll learn more about a destination, all thanks to their Pokémon chasing antics.

Instead of just lounging around a pool, holidays are about to get more active for those Pokémon-loving Brits, as holidaymakers expect to walk on average four kilometres per day in search of Pokémon.

It’s also no surprise that Pokémon Go Bar Crawls appeal to the Brits, as 50% of travellers would like to take part in one this summer, with many preferring that instead of taking a romantic walk on the beach (40%) or spending some alone time in bed with their loved one (38%).image

Pokéstop Hotspots

Brits are willing to travel 16 hours return to New York (65%), just so they can play Pokémon in one of the estimated top five cities for Pokéstops. Interestingly, hotel searches for Sokcho, Korea on are up by 95% year-on-year between the 10th July and 19th July. This can be directly linked to the launch of Pokémon Go, as the city has a high concentration of Pokéstops with Koreans flocking there to play the game.

Gamers believe top cities like New York, London, Tokyo, LA and Sydney will have the most Pokéstops. The top 10 cities that British travellers believe they’re most likely to stumble upon a Pikachu are:

  1. New York (65%)
  2. London (53%)
  3. Tokyo when launched (48%)
  4. Los Angeles (44%)
  5. Las Vegas (28%)
  6. Sydney (28%)
  7. San Francisco (26%)
  8. Manchester (20%)
  9. Kyoto when launched (20%)
  10. Melbourne (19%)

Nothing will stop the Brits in their quest to fill up their Pokédex. Some wouldn’t rule out travelling far and wide to more unusual destinations such as, the Australian outback (13%), the Arctic Circle (9%), Mount Everest (9%), the North Pole (8%), the Outer Hebrides (6%) and even North Korea (6%), in search of Pokémon.outback-405656_640

As more and more people are becoming addicted to the game, has compiled the top 10 ‘Pokétels’ where multiple Pokémon have been spotted:

  1. Doha Marriott Hotel in Qatar
  2. Mantra 2 Hotel in Sydney
  3. Pestana Vintage Porto in Portugal
  4. London Marriott Hotel Twickenham
  5. D’Best Hotel Bandung in Indonesia
  6. Country Inn & Suites by Carlson Portland Airport in Portland, USA
  7. Radisson Hotel Lansing in Michigan, USA
  8. The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in California, USA
  9. The Lakehouse Hotel in San Diego, USA
  10. Hotel Indigo London Kensington

Simon ‘Squirtle’ Matthews, official Gym Leader at brand explains, “It’s lure over sun loungers and Pokéstops over restaurant hotspots this summer for travelling Brits. The Pokémon Go phenomenon is now influencing our holiday destination of choice this summer. It is making us more spontaneous and opening our minds to new adventures, in new destinations.

“We’re excited that we have a Pokéstop in our London office in Angel, so we feel it’s only fair we do everything we can to help our customers chase down Pokéstops around the globe. We have a team of techiemons on the case, looking at how we can integrate a ‘Pokétels’ algorithm into our mobile app.”



**500 British adults under 30 were polled by One Poll, commissioned by in July 2016