Sharon Reid


On the hottest day of the year so far, we had the pleasure of visiting the recent Morretti Gran Tour, which took place at Brick Lane Yard. This event is a food and drink festival organised by authentic Italian beer brand Birra Morretti, and celebrated the best in Italian regional food. Featuring vendors such as: Pizza Pilgrims who served a selection of delicious Napolean inspired pizzas; while, Pasta E Basta represented the Calabria region with their Bucanti with Nduja spicy sausage, alongside fusilli with Calabrese red pepper, basil, pecorino and chilli pesto.

Unfortunately due to earlier commitments we were unable to attend any of the masterclasses – both the Tuscan Butchery and the Pasta Making classes were oversubscribed by the time we arrived. Needless to say we shamelessly filled our boots and can’t wait until the tour returns next year. In the meantime we can revisit that wonderful evening by watching these short videos: