Sharon Reid


“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream?” As written by 1920’s lyricist Howard Johnson,* he was definitely onto something when he penned this popular ditty back in the 20’s, most of us enjoy ice cream, we may not quite scream for it but who can resist a cold, creamy cone when temptation strikes? Yet as delicious as ice cream is, it is laden with sugar and excess calories; in fact , one serving (half a cup or 66g) of a bog-standard vanilla ice cream contains 137 calories and 14g of sugar.**

Have you ever wondered about the calorific content of some of the UK’s leading ice cream products? Below is an overview of the nutritional value of some of the aforementioned:

  • Classic Magnum (mini) -150 calories and 13g of sugar
  • Double Caramel Magnum (standard size) -270 calories and 25g of sugar
  • Mint Cornetto (standard size) -178 calories and 14g of sugar
  • Calippo (standard size) -100 calories and 20g of sugar
  • Twister (standard size) -76 calories and 13g of sugar
  • Fab (standard size) -82 calories and 10.5g of sugar

Sorry to come across as a Debbie Downer, but the fact remains that the more indulgent we are with our ice cream choices the higher the calorie and sugar content. Fear not as there is room for compromise – click here for DW Fitness’ ‘clean’ ice cream recipes, after all virtuous, ‘eat clean’ fanatics deserve a brief respite.