Sharon Reid


Sipping champagne has its place but for the times when you want to check your genteel behaviour at the door and get your fizz on in less salubrious settings there is the Chambong! Think beer bong but a little more upscale – it’s essentially a champagne flute with a glass straw in place of the traditional flat base, because of its dimensions the Chambong is designed to provide a quick hit of Cava, Prosecco or Champagne.

Founded by trio of friends, Randy Leslein, Harrison Neel and Alex Epstein, the Chambong was originally designed as the ultimate ‘stoner’ accessory back in early 2014, and was named the ‘Super Bowl’ for its capacity to hold copious amounts of cannabis, however it was quickly discovered that it err lacked smoking functionality. Alas all was not lost due to the fortuitous discovery of the bong’s true ‘wine shooter’ nature and the rest as they say is history.chambong_product_image_1

If you’re feeling celebratory, or you’re looking for the ideal drinking aide for parties or festivals, whatever the occasion get chugging – sipping is so passé darling!

The Chambong holds 170ml/ 6 fl.oz of fizz and costs £37.99 for a pack of two and is available from

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